Knit the heels in white or leave it?

August 30, 2009

Knit Misti Alpaca Taos socks

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Knit Misti Alpaca Taos Socks

I would have finished these socks yesterday, but I ran out of yarn on the toe of my 2nd sock. Sigh… This is the first time I have ran out of yarn knitting socks for myself. My feet aren’t “that” big. I could have used a smaller CO, but when you are at the end of your second sock…most people aren’t crazy enough to go back and reknit it all.

I had some options:
1. Buy more yarn….but since I don’t have a job, that isn’t really an option at the moment.
2. Take out the toe on the first sock and use it on the 2nd sock and just knit them both smaller and gift them to my mother.
3. Take out the toe on the first sock and use it on the 2nd and then knit the toe in different yarn.
4. Reknit both socks with less cast on.
5. Find someone on Ravelry with the same knit sock yarn and beg for their leftovers… (I was tempted on this one, ha ha!)

Usually I have leftover yarn…I am boggled at how I ran out.

I chose option #3.

The yarn is really soft. It also is really “sticky” and would find itself in knots a million times. At times I hated it because of the knots. I also had 1 break and 1 thin spot in my skein. I really wondered if perhaps this skein was missing some yarn, but I don’t have a good enough scale to weigh it.

Now that I am done, I am tempted to take the heel off and knit it in white, too…and maybe the cuff. The white is just some wool sock yarn I had. It was either that or green.

I think that things are starting to look a little bit better for me on a personal level. I haven’t found a job yet, but the unemployment checks are helping.


Trekking XXL Pro Natura socks

August 11, 2009

Trekking XXL Pro Natura socks
Finally finished my father’s size 12 socks….they are pulled at the heel to show how the toe fits.

I knit the first sock, then knit the second sock and ran out of yarn at the toe. I frogged back the first and second sock to the toe and tried to divide the yarn, but when I finished the first sock again…it was my size, not size men’s 12.

So, I went through my stash and found some green Knit picks yarn that worked perfect. I incorporated 2 rows of KP yarn green colored and then 2 or 3 rows of the Trekking until I thought I had enough yarn, then finished with the Trekking. I like how it turned out and I don’t think you can tell that I ran out of yarn. Either way, I don’t think my dad will care.

The Trekking Pro Natura yarn is superwash wool and bamboo and I think the bamboo gives it a really soft feel as well as a nice drape.

A+ for this yarn!

I roughly used the Mr. Pitt’s sock pattern, mostly the CO # and the 3X1 rib….I did two different types of short row heels. Next time will not CO as many….as it really produced a very stretchy sock.

The first sock has the short row heel that I learned from a socks that rock pattern. It incorporates YO’s and then when you turn the heel you do a lot of K3tog and P3tog.

However, when I went to do the second sock, I couldn’t get it from showing these holes…some how I was doing it different than the first sock. This is weird and I redid it 2 or 3 times and got the same effect.

Finally, I tried a different method and LOVE the heal it produces and it is so easy! I am going to be lousy about explaining it, but you basically knit and purl one stitch less on each row and then after you turn the heel and go back you pull up a stitch from the row below and then knit them together. It produces no holes. I will try to find the link of the tutorial.  Here is is…it is a video!  Pink Argyl’s short row sock tutorial.

Next Up:  Socks for me…looks awesome and feels awesome, too…alpaca…yum!



If the sock fits….

July 23, 2009

…wear it!  Right?  Well, here is a tale of 3 socks.

Sock #1:  Not a new sock…but one I knit probably a year ago.  I didn’t really like the yarn to begin with and sometimes when that happens…I tend to be more attracted to it.  Weird, I know.

So I decided to knit a ribbed sock.  However, I forgot to knit a few extra rows of straight stockinette stich before doing the short row heel.  It made for a short heel and the ribbing would fall down into the heel…not something you really want.

Then, I knit the sock and finished it off too soon.  I had my mom in mind, but sometimes I mis-calculate when to start the toe.  I asked my mother to try it on and it was a stretched fit.  She like it though, but my mom is sock a sock loving fool.  No just kidding.  My mom needs wool socks like kids need candy.  It is cold there and she never has enough.  Plus, the ones I made her are starting to wear out.

I started the second sock (not shown) and somehow can’t get to the heel.  I have put it down and pulled the needles out and well…you can guess what state it in.

However, because of recent events.  I had an epiphony.  I wonder if the sock fits…
kids knit socks 2

Yep, it does.  It is the sock on the right and it fits Sierra!

Sock #2 is the grey cabled sock on the left.  The pattern for this sock is from Handknit Holidays I am using Patons Wool Merino (it is discontinued, but I have some balls left over from my dad’s sweater.)  In fact, these were meant to be for my father.  I originally casted on 56 stitches with size 6 needles.  However after doing the ribbing the thing seemed HUGE!!  So, after the hours I spent on ribbing, I ripped it out and did a new cast on of 48 stitches.

Well…after getting to the heel, I have realized the cables have pulled the thing in.  So much that after I knit the heel, I could barely put it on my foot.  My dad has size 11 feet.   I finished the cable pattern and worked on the toe and wouldn’t you know…the sock fits:
kids knit socks

Madeleine!  Yep, it didn’t even fit Sierra.  Honestly, I finished the sock early once I realized it wasn’t going to fit my dad.  I just wanted to get it off the needles.  Madeleine has room to grow in them.

Sock #3 is knit with Trekking with this pattern, Mr. Pitt’s Socks. I figured I would use the 80 Stitch cast on as the pattern suggested because Koigu seems a bit thicker than Trekking.   The thing is that I have knit with Trekking many times and have always done a casto on of 72.  I should have gone with 72.  I really think for this pattern with all the ribbing (it is a 3×1 rib) that it is too stretchy.  My dad has long feet, but he isn’t a fat man.  In fact, he has pretty slim, yet muscular legs.

Let me note…there is nothing wrong with the pattern…just with my knitting tension 80 is too big…just say’n.

It is too late though as I knit 9 inches of the ribbing to the heel and have already worked the short row heel (because I don’t like heel flaps) and am know working the foot part of the sock.

I figured even superwash yarn shrinks a little bit and perhaps after a few washes it won’t be as big.  Regardless dad will like them either way.

He is the man that wears the sweater I knit him every single day.  Yes, it is that cold there….but also, I think he does it because I made it for him.  He just really likes it.

Dad's Trekking Sock

Hopefully I get the length right and these truly will be for him…now my worry is will I be able to get 1 pair of size 11 feet out of one ball of this sock yarn?

The yarn is the Pro Natura and has some bamboo in it.  It isn’t scratchy at all! I like the color okay, but wish there was less gold and more brown.

In my personal life:  the dark cloud keeps following us, but we are managing.  I have applied for 2 positions at a company I use to work for and am trying to stay hopeful.  The girls just finished swim lessons for the summer….lazy days ahead!


Noro Hermia

July 10, 2009

Noro Hermia

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Yep, I went with my instinct and went with the silver tree buttons. I think this cardigan is perfect! I am so happy with it. It fits perfect. I am so thrilled with this. 🙂



July 10, 2009

Quick note to let you all know I finished the cardigan.  I will have Tony take a picture of me tomorrow wearing it.  It is AWESOME!!  It fits me perfect, which is surprising as I thought it might be a little bit too big.   I picked out the perfect buttons, even Tony agrees…right choice.  I will leave you in suspense for the pic.

Nothing like finishing a wool cardigan in the middle of summer…ha ha!!  I am so happy I have completed a major project.  I think my next projects will be finishing some socks that are missing their matches…not sure.   I have noticed that most of my wool socks that I have knit are starting to get holes in them.  Those things don’t last forever..sigh!  This summer is going to be all about finishing things.

Then, my next big project will be another sweater for my dad.  I have been considering the Fog Sweater. Though…I think I am going to do a different neck as I am not sure my dad will like turtle neck.  I really like the neckline of the last sweater I made him.   I have had other family members beg me to make them things.   However, my dad is first on my list again because of his dedictation and devotion to the last sweater I knit him.  He has worn it every day since I made it 2 years ago.  He has the cold weather for it.  He just loves it that much.  That means a LOT!!  There is nothing like the satisfaction of a knitter to find out something you have made gets daily usage.  That is what we want.  Nothing is worse than to find out something you slaved over for months was pushed to the back of a drawer.  He genuinely loves it.  So, he deserves another to love.  Those are my rules.  😉


Noro Hermia

July 8, 2009

Noro Hermia

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I finally finished the second sleeve. I need to sew the hems on the sleeves. I still need to pickup the stitches around the front and neck to do the button band and collar. The pattern calls for hook and eye closure and I don’t like that idea at all. So, I am going to do buttons on the top half of the sweater.

I am deciding between the quarter sized, brown sun buttons and the dime sized silver tree buttons. I like the tree buttons. Tony likes the sun buttons. Either way, they are both cool. What do you like?

Noro Hermia


One sleeve done…

June 27, 2009

I haven’t forgotten about my little bloggy here, but was waiting to blog when I had some progress to talk about.

I have finally completed one sleeve. The pattern states to knit it to 13 inches from underarm, but that is only a 3/4 sleeve.

When I look at the pattern, the pictures clearly show the sleeve knit down to her wrist. Tell me….how long are your arms? Perhaps my arms are long as I had to knit almost 18 inches to get the sweater to go down to my wrist. Granted…she did say on there “or less than 0.75 from desired sleeve length.” I just felt like I had ape like arms compared to who the pattern was written for.

Today I am going to start the second sleeve. My goal is to get this completed by Thursday as I will be going away to my ocean getaway and might actually have a chance to wear it. Otherwise…in this California heat…I will have to wait about 5 months!


Knitty Hermia – in progress

June 19, 2009

Knitty Hermia

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I finally bound off the cardigan. I need to sew under the Picot Hem.

I still have the arms and the button band to knit. The pattern calls for Hook and Eye closure, but I don’t like that. So, I think I am going to go for a regular button band. I guess I will have to work out some math to see where I want to space the buttons out…or do I just want to put buttons on the top of it…and not the bottom. I don’t know.

I noticed by this picture that one side has darker stripes than the other side, but I think in the end it will look okay. Also, with my size I know horizontal stripes are a “no no….” but…I like this yarn.

I tried to get a picture of me wearing it, but the pictures weren’t very good. It does fit though, so I am very happy with that!

I do have plans to visit my parents soon in Mendo and am hoping to have this finished before then so I can wear it….as they have year round cool weather.


Domain Name

June 15, 2009

Ummm…that was FAST!! So, it has been confirmed that my old domain name was bought by someone from China. My domain name expired in the beginning of May and man….they are not forgiving on that. Who would want a domain name with crochet/knit blog traffic? Ridiculous!

The past few months have been crazy though and a domain name was the last thing on my mind.

I am going to be making some changes soon…change the name of my blog and possibly get a domain name. I don’t want to be affiliated with the dot com version of my blog name…who knows what will be there now!


In progress: Knit Hermia from Knitty

June 15, 2009

Knit Hermia from Knitty

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Here is another project that I started awhile back (end of December) that I put down.  It is Hermia from Knitty. I have 4 more lace repeats and then go work the hem, sleeves, and finishing touches…I put on Ravelry that I was 60% along, but that probably is wishful thinking. A good knitting goal for the night would be to tear through the 4 more lace repeats, but that is 32 rows and I am not sure I have that in me…will see! I wish I could show you it in a more flattering way, or even on me…but I don’t have a manequin and the cable needle isn’t long enough for me to put it on and take a good picture. So, you get this floor shot.

Today I submitted a crochet pattern to Crochet Today! It is a pretty simple concept, so if I get reject, I won’t feel bad. I just have a feeling it is publish worthy, so thought I would put myself out there. If I hear any news in the next 6 months, I will post.

I created a really nice garden this year. I planted 4 types of tomatoes (Beefstake, Early Girl, Better Boy, and Sweet 100.) I also planted zucchini, crook neck squash, sunflowers, Walla Walla onions, bell peppers, king pepper, and watermelon. I did have cucumber, but they didn’t survive.

So far I have picked 3 ripe zucchini and eaten 2. My cherry tomatoes are almost ripe. It is going to be a good year for my garden, I can already tell!

Finally, blog name. I once owned the domain name: earthwhisperfiberarts.com. However, I have accidentally let that domain expire and GoDaddy has told me it is $80 for them to retrieve it from the redemption period. I don’t want to pay that. When it goes out of the redemption period, I might be able to get it back again. However, there is a good chance someone wanting the traffic will take it before I do…that is my luck.

So, I can choose to keep the wordpress name. Or, I can pay for a new domain name and “recreate” myself. I am sort of leaning towards the latter idea. I have a few names I have been tossing around for awhile and they aren’t as long as my original. This would be a good time to change it too…