Photography Class

January 11, 2005

It was very interesting. I am a little nervous of the assigned photographs we will need to take as in the last class I took we just got to take pictures of what we wanted to.

The final project in April is choose a social, political, or persona issue you feel passionate toward, using your camera as an educational tool to tell us about the topic, through a narrative form.

I could go a few ways with this. I could take pictures of what I think Bush has done to our economy, environment, and civil rights. However, that just seems so depressing. Also, if my professor is a Republican, that could piss her off.

I could take pictures of breastfeeding, as I feel strongly about that. I don’t mind breastfeeding in public, but not sure if I could go as far as making this a final project and show this to everyone in the class. Really, the part that I feel passionate about is it is a natural thing and more women should be doing it and not giving into social pressures from commercialism. Yeah, okay you see where I am going with that. I have a feeling I am going to come back to this project on here.

Things I will need to buy for the class:

8 rolls of film
gray card
cable release for my camera
mat boards
14×18 portfolio w/ handles

Boy, I can’t wait to see if I get money back for taxes. I am not sure how I am going to finance these supplies. Although I have applied for a few part-time jobs.


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