Photo Sharing Link

January 25, 2005

I upload most of my photos to my Yahoo album located here

feel free to browse through the photos. I have some pictures of my quilts on here and I have a few albums of black and white pictures that I took with my 35 mm SLR. Please note that the black and white pictures are scanned from the negatives and I really did not adjust for value or contrast. I just scanned them and cropped them. I then take the negatives and make contact sheets out of them and end up enlarging only a few from each contact sheet. Scanning the negative is pretty interesting as you can see more detailed things that a contact sheet won’t show. All in all, I just scan them because I can and enjoy seeing the pics on my computer as some of these pictures will never be enlarged.

The photos that I uploaded to the blog are also scanned from negatives and I did no photo finishing to them. They are pretty raw. I will probably enlarge the “Twins” photo and my self portrait. I will try to scan the finished picture in a few months.


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