February 20, 2005
W Wild
E Earthy
N Natural
D Dignified
Y Young
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Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com



  1. L Luscious
    Y Yummy
    N Naughty
    D Dignified
    Y Yucky

  2. H Hardworking
    A Ambivalent
    M Masculine
    I Intense
    L Little
    T Tender
    O Odd
    N Neat

  3. S Shocking
    I Influential
    E Enjoyable
    R Rounded
    R Relaxing
    A Awesome

  4. M Modern
    A Amorous
    D Distinguished
    E Exquisite
    L Lazy
    E Edgy
    I Irresistible
    N Normal
    E Energetic

  5. L Luscious
    Y Young
    N Nutty
    D Dramatic
    Y Yummy

  6. W Worldly
    E Explosive
    N Nerdy
    D Delicious
    Y Yucky

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