Crochet bag

February 28, 2005

I used this pattern http://www.sugarncream.com/pattern.php?PID=133

The pattern says it takes 3 balls. However, somehow I only used 2 and still have a small bit of yarn left. I think my bag turned out great and wonder if they just over calculated the yarn. I used Lily The Original Sugar ‘n Cream in color Cornflower Blue. I have some of this yarn in Ivory and am thinking about making another bag, not set in stone yet.

Oddly enough, I did get a bit of a blister on my pinky finger while making this bag. This is the first time I have crocheted with Cotton, so maybe that is the reason.


  1. Nice job! I made one of these once, when the pattern first came out. I must have made it as a gift because it is nowhere around here! Lol.

    Perhaps they wrote the pattern saying 3 balls to compensate for the veriegated yarn? I think it is 1 oz. less per ball, so that’s why they may have said 3 balls.

    But now you have an extra ball, just think of all the things you can make with it! Maybe a coordinating sun hat?

  2. Funny thing…I only bought 2 balls to begin with. Then, came home and looked up a pattern. I figured I would have to go back to the store to buy more yarn. Nope. It is as if they yarn gods knew all along.

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