Mendocino Yarn Shop

March 21, 2005

I went to Mendocino this weekend and visited the Mendocino Yarn shop. It is such a lovely place. The lady in there is extremely friendly and was knitting an asymetrical poncho. She was using a Venus yarn and a kid mohair yarn to give it some texture. She was basically knitting a wide scarf about 36 inches or so and then connecting it so it made an asymetrical poncho. It was pretty neat looking. I am tempted to experiment with crochet. I was curious if anyone has made one of these.

Asymetrical, in that the point was only on one side, instead of a point in the front and a point in the back. One side was the scarf looping around your shoulders leaving a hole in the neck and the other side is where the two ends of the scarf were connected to make a point, if that makes sense.



  1. I have a pattern I designed that is an asymetrical poncho – super easy. Here’s a pic of my sis in the one I made for her: http://www.dandeliondreamers.com/poncho.htm

  2. That poncho is cute! You and your sister look alot alike.

  3. Lion Brand has one for crochet on their site. I think they made it with ribbon yarn, but you could make it out of any kind of yarn.

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