Kool Aid Dyeing

March 23, 2005

I am dyeing to try this…and yes, that is a pun, ha ha!! Like you would really laugh when I write…ha ha…but honestly, I do. *giggle*

I want to know. Can you Kool Aid Dye Cotton? I know you can wool and I have heard that synthetics don’t take dyes well. That is fine as I really don’t like working with synthetics. I am learning that I really like organic yarns, like cotton and wool.

So back to my question about cotton….I guess I want to know before I try dyeing.



  1. You can only kool aid dye animal fibers…so wool, silk, your hair…sorry, no cotton.

  2. I wondered about that. My hair, huh? You think my husband would like Cherry on me? ha ha…

    I need to talk to you more about working with wool. I just remember wool from my childhood as being so itchy.

  3. Our testing showed that cotton was a no-go. It came out all splotchy and then faded when hand washed. I am thinking if it was machine washed it probably would have reverted back to the original color.

    Some wool is scratchy. But you should pet… err… see some of the new stuff. Try a mohair blend. Oh my!

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