Half Square Kerchief

March 24, 2005

My friend Patti was wearing a Kerchief on her head at the La Leche League meeting a few nights ago. I admired it. So, did a quick google search and found this pattern for Half Square Kerchief.

I used Bernat Cottontots, actually left over yarn from the Strawberry Cardigan. It worked up very fast and was a quick project. Sierra loves wearing it. She is wearing it now. Cottontots did make it a little “thick” and I can see that other yarns might be more comfortable to wear. However, she isn’t complaining!




  2. I like, I like!!

    Might make one when I get some of my other irons out of the fire 😉

  3. Beautiful!!! – both the shawl and your little girl. 🙂

  4. I made mine out of size 3 crochet thread. 🙂

    About wool – some are scratchier than others – you just have to feel them and find what you like. Merino is really soft, but tends to pill a lot. Peace Fleece softens up a ton after it’s been washed. You should feel my wool next time you’re over. 😉

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