Strawberry Cardigan Progress

March 24, 2005

Well, you can see below where I am at. I am in the process of sewing the pocket on. I still might move it as it is not exactly the place I want it. Then, I need to sew on one more strawberry and weave ends.

Did I ever mention I dislike weaving in ends? Why is that? I guess because there is no creative process in it. I don’t know.

Oh…. there is something else about this cardigan. The pattern said 18 months. I used a slightly different yarn and a slightly different hook. I used cottontots yarn (pattern called for cotton-ease) and I used a g 4.25mm hook (pattern called for 7 4.5mm hook.) Basically, this has crocheted up to a 6-12 month cardigan. Not an 18 month cardigan.

I bought a lot of this cottentots yarn (love it) and am going to use a 7 hook (finally bought one) and crochet up the 2T pattern to see what I get. I am guessing it will come out about 18 months.

The hat fits perfect, but I want to crochet one a little bigger.

So, when I finish this (am putting it off a little now because it doesn’t fit Madeleine) I will probably list it on ebay.


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