March 25, 2005

I went to JoAnn’s and bought a yarn needle which is metal, so it won’t break. I realized the plastic one I broke is a children’s needle….ha..ha.. I also bought some buttons for the cardigan. I couldn’t find any strawberry’s that were pink. They had lots of red strawberries (who’d a thunk!) I did find some pink heart buttons that were the right size and hey…strawberries are heart shaped, right?

I did figure out why my cardigan is not the right size. JoAnn’s has a large selection of yarn. I was impressed and actually found it difficult to not buy stuff. I found the Cotton-Ease, which the original pattern called for and realized that yarn is a lot thinner. No, I did not do a practice swatch. So, now I know the difference. I eyed some of this landscape yarn…okay…I didn’t just eye it. I picked it up and felt it (gorgeous colors.) I also eyed some bamboo yarn that was a JoAnn’s brand. I did not buy any of it.

I did buy some yarn though. Oh, you bet. I know, I know…should be saving. I just can’t help it. I have Kool-Aid on my mind. I have always loved dyeing things. I was really into tie dyeing a few years ago when I was in college. Yes, I bought Fisherman’s wool!

I am tossing around the idea of making something first in the wool and then dye painting it with the Kool-Aid. My other thoughts was to make small balls of it and dye each ball something a little different. I have been really into the colors red, orange, and yellow. Oh, the ideas….

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