Lost it…and the difference between Glancers and Lookers

April 5, 2005

Yes, I have lost it! My size 7 crochet hook. I have been working on 2 other sizes for my skirted tank top. I made a few rows of the shell stitch and then worked up the top neckiline. I was basically counting stitches and reworking the top. Then, I tried the top neckline on to my 11 month daughter. It fit good, so I decided then that the pattern I was making would be 12-18 months. This is my methodology. Is it a good one? I don’t know.

So, as I was staring at my silly neckline, I decided it would be silly (yes I know redundant) to just walk away from it. After all, it is a finished top/neckline with straps, etc. Basically all it needed is some more body and a skirt (ha ha…like some women….oh, I am just killing myself here.)

I turned the top over and started working the shell stitch downward (creating a circle.) After a certain number of rows I will make the flared skirt part of it and tie it off. I have decided where the circle row is (middle of her belly) I am going to weave in a ribbon. In my mind this works and looks cute. In real life, who knows??

Okay, back to my original thought. So I lost the hook. Then I lost my mind…..you say it is already lost? shut up! 😉

Yes, I lost my mind and vacuumed, and cleaned up my desk and the dishes and the kitchen and did a lot of detailing stuff. Yes, I clean everyday, just not so sudden and with such detail. After all, I was on a mission to find the hook. Hook finding can bring out all sorts of wackiness. I swear I was looking for this hook in all sorts of odd places. Did you know this hook costs less than $3? A man would just go out and buy another hook.

Sorry, but I am generalizing here…men are “Glancers.” If a man needs to find something he will glance to where he was last using it. If within a half a second he can’t find it, well then it is gone. He then does one of two things. 1. He will call for his (mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, or the nearest female) and tell her it is gone and get her to find it. 2. If he is not able to do #1, he will go out and purchase a new item.

Women are “lookers.” They actually pick up objects and look under, around, over, inside, outside, up, down, next to, on top of and below in every room of the house until said item is found. It is a rare occassion that I don’t find something and when I don’t it is usually because it fell into the weee depths of the couch…you know, that hole that eats objects and doesn’t spit them out until 5 years later when you move?

I lost it, I cleaned, I looked, and I found it. Woohoo! Back to the next skirted top w/ ribbon.

ps…I think I need a crochet case. If you have read this far and have a suggestion for me on a pattern, please post a comment.



  1. I love this hook case: http://www.sarahanns.com/crochetworks/case.html I added a handle to mine (Idea stolen from Rebecca) and some fun fur trim instead of the flower, other folks have made other adjustments to it so it holds the larger crystalites hooks (I didn’t think to do that lol but they do fit in the pocket and the flap closes over them)

    Or check out Crochet Pattern Central, I think there are several cases linked there =)

  2. I totally agree about the glancers and lookers! It frustrates me to no end!!!

  3. I completely agree about the glancers and lookers. My husband will lose something, glance around for it, and then ask me to find it!

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