Payday Yarn

April 8, 2005

Tomorrow my husband gets paid. yippeee….off to the yarn store. I will post what goodies I come home with. I might be there for awhile, scratching my head. I usually do a little yarn dance. I put the yarn in the cart. Then put it back on the shelf. I pick up different yarn and put it in the cart, etc…I dance like this for a good 25 minutes until when the kids start getting antsy.

I also spend time looking at booklets and books. It seems I am always looking for something they don’t have. The funny thing is I can’t tell you what they are looking for, just know they don’t have it. Hee, hee….

Then, whatever is in the cart is what I buy. Odd? Yes, and that is just me. Then, I go home and plan projects around the yarn I buy. I rarely plan projects first.


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