April 10, 2005

I love how when I am working the scarves up a name pops into my head. The colors of the homespun mixing with the vibrance of the eyelash yarn has really inspired themes. Every scarf has a name. I have one scarf left to do before finishing the series. To date, I have made 11 scarves and this last one will be #12.

They are so gorgeous. I would love to dress up and try on different ones. Each scarf has such a different personality to it. I really hope that the craft faire in Mendocino pans out for me. I am very excited to display the scarves to people and get their reactions.

I really encourage you to go out and make a few variations of these scarves. 1 skein of LB homespun and 3 skeins of eyelash yarn will make 3 scarves. I did all of my scarves in single crochet, working a chain of 200 or so… in 5 rows (or so…) I will finish my last scarf on Sunday. It is the last of the LB Gothic and Patons Cha Cha Vegas.

I have a small amount of the eyelash and Homespun yarn left over. I considered sewing up little purses to match the scarves. I have to decide if I want to deal with a zipper or think about how I would close them. ***this is in the design process of my brain right now.


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