What Am I Doing??

April 15, 2005

I know I haven’t updated in a few days…so this is what I am up to and I will post pictures tomorrow or this weekend.

1. I finished an asymetrical scarf poncho made from Trendsetter Yarns – Dune. The color reminds me of the inside of an abalone shell. I made this for the craft faire, which has an ocean theme. I am looking for some small shell beads to put on the top of the poncho. It turned out a little large than I wanted, but I was hoping when I added the beads I could tighten the neckline a bit. I will figure it out. I will post a picture soon. (I want my dh to take a picture of it on me.)

2. I have gotten several requests from people to make crocheted tank tops for their kids. During this process of making several tops (made 2 so far, and 3 more to go!) I switched yarns (Lion Brand Cotton-Ease) and have been able to work up 2 more sizes (18-24 months and 2T/3T.) I have the 12-18 month pattern and 4/5 pattern finished and tested. I also have the pattern written for both types of yarn (cottontots and cotton-ease.) I like working with both, just found the Cotton-Ease to be very soft and a nice lightweight (yet still cotton feel.) It is a 50/50 blend.

Thanks for those who have helped me! I will have these patterns on my blog this weekend, if all goes according to plan. I know I am taking forever. Sorry. (I promise you this pattern will be available by Sunday the latest!!)

3. I will be Kool-Aid Dyeing my Fisherman’s wool this weekend, woohoo!! (will post pictures.)

4. New tank top pattern in the works (yes, it is in my head!) You will all be just as thrilled with this one! Coming soon!


  1. I would love to see the poncho. Someone made me the asymmetrical poncho and the neck line is a bit big, kind of cowl necky/ Anyway, good luck with the wool dying, I have to do some too!

  2. Oh good, I’m coming over this weekend, does that mean I get to play with Kool-Aide…hum….nah maybe I’ll be on baby duty, hey whatever you want, can’t wait to come play!

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