Still very sick

April 22, 2005

I still have a very, very productive cough. There are times I cough up so much phlegm I feel like I am going to suffocate. It is not a good feeling. Things are starting to feel “surreal.” I am happy today is Friday, but my husband works 6 hours tomorrow, so it isn’t like I am really going to get a break tomorrow from the kids. Oh, how I wish someone would just commit me to some padded cell where I could sleep for a week by myself, without anyone needing me. Oh, how I wish I could be in college again where if you are this sick you go to the school’s infermery and you sleep and a nurse brings you food and medicine and they take care of you. I took my last zithromax today and feel just as bad, if not worse than the first day I started the z-pak. I called my doctor and hopefully will get on something else.

Google is not my friend today. If you google “productive cough,” you get these…

I hate playing “let’s self diagnose.” However, I am sick of being sick….

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