US Postal Stamps – Very Cool!

April 26, 2005

I went to the Post Office Yesterday to get stamps for my daughter’s first birthday party. Needless to say, the guy “sold me.!” I bought these 3 sheets, as they are just so cool. I won’t use them as stamps either. I came home and then told my husband, with my….guilty….”honey, I have a confession”….this is usually what I say when I buy too much yarn. He agreed though it would have been hard for him to pass up the stamps and so we will probably frame them. Posted by Hello



  1. They’ve had those for a long time. I got some of the Tundra ones about two years ago. I like them too.


    I’d seen these stamps, and I think I have all 3 of them. Or maybe 2 of them….I think I ended up using the 3rd one! I love to see what new stamps come out and love to collect them!

    Enjoy them!

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