My Soap Box

April 29, 2005

My biggest pet peeve lately is that women aren’t able to express themselves without having to put an apology in somewhere to do so. Damn it! We are women and we do great things and we can be proud without having to say…”I am sorry if this offends someone or…I am sorry for bragging.”

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately. A few days ago Dot, who does the greatest things was apologizing for bragging. Woman, you have the right to brag. First, it is your blog. Second, you have designed so many patterns in the last year and have been a resource and inspiration for a lot of the online crochet community. Cinful was apologizing for ratting out a spammer…I think that is awesome by the way! I think she expresses herself with a witty sense of humor and funk. I love it and can’t stop reading about her little journeys in life. Maybe it is because I think Cinful reminds myself of me.

Kudos to both of you for saying what you want! Enlight of this mood, my social statement for the day is…

I breastfeed my baby and in public (gasp!) and if someone happens to see my do it, I don’t care. Life is too short to worry about whether not someone might have seen my breast. If my baby is hungry and I want to feed her I am not going into some stinking bathroom to do so just so this someone doesn’t get offended…offended of what? Loving and feeding my baby? See breastfeeding a baby or child for what it is, feeding, nurturing, loving a child. There is nothing gross or sexual about it and I really want to make some type of life long commitment to encourage breastfeeding.

I encourage anyone who reads this to take a stand on your blog today and say something you have wanted to say, just to get it off your chest. Tell yourself you are great! Take 20 pictures of something you have been dying to share to the online community, but are afraid it is bragging or afraid someone might not like it. Take a stand against Bush. Tell me that inflation sucks, and yet you don’t see anybody trying to make it better. Tell me you took too many pictures of your kids today because they were little “happy factories” and were being good to each other and you couldn’t stop making memories with your camera. Get passionate about something!

LADIES GET ON YOUR SOAPBOX!! I want to hear what you have to say! Am I in a mood today or what? Bwahahahahahahaha!!



  1. Thanks for the support. Man I am bowled over by what you said about my blog. Who would think that people would actually like and read something I am writing just to amuse myself. Thanks!

  2. A big Army “HOO-RAH!” to you, girl!

    I am a HUGE proponent/support/LACTIVIST for Breastfeeding!

    I breastfed all 3 of my kiddos, and still nurse my youngest (21 months). My 3 year old still nurses every now and then when she’s sick.
    I nurse here, and there, and everywhere! If you don’t want to see a breast – DON’T LOOK!!! 😉

    I always say, “a screaming baby draws more attention than a nursing baby!”

    You Rock!

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