“Buzz Kill”

May 2, 2005

I know what the term “buzz kill” means. I know that it really has a drug reference to it. So, Why??? Why??? Does PBS allow this term in kids programming? I was watching “Read Between the Lions” with Sierra. The older hippy looking monkey told the younger lion, “What a buzz kill.” It is a program about learning to read, it has lots of letters and helps kids learn how to use vocabulary. So, WHY?? “Buzz Kill?” Am I being oversensitive about this? Obviously she wouldn’t get the drug innuendo. Should I write PBS?

edited to add:

This is the letter I wrote to PBS Kids regarding this episode:

Today, May 2nd, 2005 I watched your program, Read Between the Lions with my 3 year old daughter, Sierra. It was the episode about Daedalus and Icarus. 2 Young lions were were talking about playing “Baby Icarus” when the older “hippy” monkey said, “What a buzz kill.”

This program is about how to use words and expanding vocabulary. Why would you use a drug innuendo, when that would be an opportunity to use other words. When I replayed the episode that I had taped on my DVR, I realized that the monkey was calling the younger lion a “buzz kill,” so that irritated me as he was calling him a name because the lion didn’t want to play the game.

I find this inappropriate on many levels. I really hope you are more careful with word choice in the future and that you edit this episode.

I suppose, the monkey could have said, “What a let down,” or if you choose for him to use slang, What a let Bummer.”


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