May 18, 2005

Flower Motif Top and Bag – from the book Crochet For Babies & Toddlers by Betty Barnden. This was done in LB Microspun, color Coral. (The color is a tiny bit off in this picture because of night time photo/exposure.)

The pattern was fun. I would say that this pattern was suited for atleast an intermediate crocheter. It took me 1 week to make this and that was because I was on “vacation” and had a little bit more time to crochet than normally. I think if I was on my usual pace it would have taken me atleast 2 weeks.

This top is in a size 1-2 years, but I think it is going to be big on Madeleine. The pattern called for Crystal DK by Patons, but I couldn’t find that yarn and have a feeling Patons doesn’t even make it anymore. I substituted with the Microspun and it seems to be an okay substitution for this pattern.

I like the “sheen” look to the microspun and it has a nice stretch (not too much.) It is soft, inexpensive, and comes in a large varieties of colors. You would think this would be an ideal yarn to work with, however, there is a love hate relationship with this yarn. I love it for all of the above reasons. I hate the fact that it splits constantly. I have never frogged anything as much as this top.

There are still some stitches that have splits in them, that I didn’t catch and obviously now it is too late…ha ha. (luckily, I don’t have OCD, so it doesn’t bug me one bit.) In fact, one time I noticed a split on the row below and found a way to pull the 2 strands that were split and pull them up into the next row and kind of loop them in and crochet over them so you couldn’t tell unless you were examining every stitch for flaws. (who does that?) I have a few othe projects in the works that I am using this yarn, but after that I am not sure if I will buy anymore of this. I am not fond of 100% acrylic and cannot stand the splitting.

Can someone explain to me why LB is taking away cotton-ease and leaving microspun? I just don’t get it. Am I sour? Maybe…ha ha… Speaking of cotton-ease…why isn’t my local JoAnn’s putting this on Clearance yet. I am dying to go in there and buy out the cotton-ease at a reduced rate.Posted by Hello

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