June 21, 2005

Back of Ugly Ick…now in the frog pond…. Posted by Hello



  1. That cute thing just for the cost of shipping? I’ll take it!

  2. i think it is adorable, why don’t you like it, and your daughter is even cuter.

  3. It’s cute! I don’t think its “ick” at all!

  4. It is very pretty, stop dissen yourself, you did an awsome job!

  5. If I send you my addy, can I have it? It’s adorable!

  6. really cute!!! i don’t know what you must be looking at, lol. the colors you picked are really nice too.

  7. Hey, Wendy, it’s January 2006, but I’m reading your past posts. I love this top you created! The idea is a great one! I also think the daisies might look cute up higher, around the waist, and then you could add a few rows of your pattern stitch to the bottom of the halter or simply end the halter with the row of daisies at the waist. It’s a great idea you had and I hope you didn’t completely throw it away. The top is too cute. 🙂

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