June 24, 2005

Purse – Knitted
(yes, you read that right…knit and purls) and crocheted w/ cotton-ease in pineapple. The pattern is from The Knitting Garden This really is a good knitting pattern for beginners as it really is just knitting and purling and no increases or decreases. I think it is rated intermediate because of the crocheting that is involved, so a bonus if you already know how to crochet. I am going to give this little purse to my daughter Sierra for Christmas. She loves purses and with the yarn that I used, it really is a kid’s purse. I know if I used a thicker/heftier yarn it would be better for an adult……………………..now…what will my next knitting project be? The problem is I only own one set of knitting needles and they aren’t circular, so I am a little limited at the moment. Posted by Hello



  1. Wow I am truely amazed at your talent, you know……
    I have a hat that would match that purse…if only you put a big orange flower on it!

  2. Love the purse. I too have taken up knitting. I really enjoy it now that I’ve gotten the hang of it.

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