Still here…

July 10, 2005

I am still here. I love my new place, it is so great. Things have been just falling into place for us. My cousin gave us a refrigerator, she said the bottom shelf was broken. Ends up a piece wasn’t placed in the right position and the refrigerator works great, not broken. The ice maker is broken, but my husband is going to fix that in a few weeks.

We were given a washer and dryer. The washer has a problem, after it agitates and starts to drain, the pump isn’t draining the water right and it ends up on the floor. Tony is going to try and fix it tomorrow or sometime this week. The dryer works fine. We are happy with that. I cannot wait to do laundry this week. (yes, that sounds crazy, but I hate laundry mats and can’t wait to just do a few loads a night, instead of 8-12 loads at a time.)

We are still cleaning the old apartment, which is slow going. We finally have the bedrooms, the patio, the refrigerator, and the bathroom finished. Tony is going to start on the kitchen tonight mainly working on things below the waist as it is hard for me to bend. Tomorrow I am going to take the kids over there and work on it by myself. We burnt out our vacuum. Luckily my brother loaned us his vacuum. When we get our deposit back I am going to buy a dyson. We have until the 15th (Friday) to finish the cleaning, and we are hoping to finish early to do a preliminary walk through. They will walk through the apartment and tell us what we need to do to get our deposit back. We have a huge deposit on that place and we are hoping to get every penny back.

My surgery was rescheduled for the 21st of July. I have been having some anxiety about it because I won’t be able to do any lifting for 8-12 weeks, which is the recovery time for this surgery. My mom is going to be here for the first 2 weeks and then after that is what I am worried about. I am not normally the type of person to worry, but this just really has me thinking. How am I going to put Madeleine to bed? How will I go anywhere? I guess the answers are…Madeleine will need a little bed she can get in and out of on her own and I won’t be able to drive anywhere for 8 to 12 weeks. Tony assures me it will be okay. My quality of life will improve. He is right. It is really only a short amount of discomfort and then things will just start getting better.

I have only been crocheting a little bit since the move. I just have too much unpacking to do and too much cleaning of the old place.

I still can’t find the digital camera, so never got a picture of all of the yarn that my Sea Of Yarn Swap partner on Crochetville sent me. Fiona sent me a gorgeous card and…well…you can read all about it here. I have been lazy sending out my swap package. The sad thing is I have it ready to send, just keep forgetting…gee…I wonder why. I will get it out tomorrow. I am also going to be mailing my reveal package to my secret pal tomorrow.

Sorry no pics….I will remedy that soon.


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  1. Madeleine will love having a little bed she can get into all by herself. I’m sure things will all fall into place as far as help at home with the girls. I’ll be keeping good thoughts for you.–>

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