Some Anxiety

July 15, 2005

Today I had some anxiety about the surgery. I keep questioning whether I am making the right choice of having another surgery. I went in today to get measured for a brace. Tomorrow I go to the hospital for my pre-op appointment and bloodwork. I am trying to get things in order to not be around much for the next few weeks, but don’t really know how to do it. I feel like I am going on vacation from my life, but know it is going to be a ton of pain in the beginning, then will get better. I love Tony. He will do a good job with the girls when I am recovering. I know that Sierra is going to be a big help. She already does so much for me and Madeleine.

I guess I am so stressed that AF isn’t here. That irritates me because I want to be done with it before the surgery. I am late and no I am not pregnant.

I also don’t like having unresolved issues and am saddened by an even that shouldn’t have happened and is one that I cannot understand.

Sorry I don’t have any crochet events to share. I am in a spot I haven’t ever been before. I just don’t have it in me to pick up a crochet hook or even yarn. I never thought I could be like this. I guess I really do have anxiety/stress over this surgery. I haven’t picked up a hook in over a week and really haven’t crocheted anything of signifigance in about a month….wow, that is kind of depressing.

Lady Linoleum crochets some weird things…and recently crocheted an ostomy bag for Lori, which I think is pretty awesome in a weird way. I wonder what her take on the Dynesys pedicle surgery I am having would be. I picture a wired up spine with eyeballs, ha!



  1. I’m sure it is hard to crochet when you have so much to do and so many concerns on your mind. That could be why you’re late too. Just take a deep breath and relax, you sound like you are going into this completly prepared, and have consulted with good doctors about this. Be sure to have Tony let your Crochetville friends know how you are doing..we’ll be thinking of you.

  2. awwww honey here is a BIG HUG coming your way. it will get better sweetie. praying for you today. that your pain is gone for good when you are healed. huggggs

  3. wendy, just popping in to say hello, hope your doing alright and that each day you will get better. have patience(i know its hard) but the more you take it easy, the faster you will heal.still praying for you sweetie.hang in there and when you can get online drop me a line if ya need a ear,. i been where you are and maybe can cheer ya up Lol hugggggs

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