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Yarn at Big Lots

August 30, 2005

And, here is the proof! I don’t know what brand any of this is, as I tried to google Eross and it doesn’t seem to exist. Eros exists, but don’t know if they are connected. It appears they both are Italian Yarns. Eros means love. Eross…means imposter?

However, what really made me laugh, and the reason I am posting about this (besides the obvious…that there is yarn there…) is the label of the yarn.

Powerful Yarns

Yes, it says that right under the label. That really cracks me up!


Amen, Sister

August 28, 2005

This was hillarious, even read it to my husband…as if to say, “see honey, there are other weird people out there besides me.”


Sari Silk

August 27, 2005

It came today! I took a picture with a can, so I could show you the size of the hanks. They have quite an odor too. The hanks seem kind of tight and I wonder if I need to make them into looser ones.

There is also kind of an odor to them…really chemically smelling. I don’t know why I had to smell them.

The colors are great! Some are real bright, some dark, and some light….an interesting lot, for sure! I need color in my bedroom as my furniture is unfinished pine. I am really thinking about making something to go across the top of my wide dresser. Working with this will give me a good idea on if this could be made into a garment, although I think a garment would be heavy and not as soft. Although I read if you add kid merino to it, it will make the garment softer and I am sure this is true.

I have a lot of things on my needles/hooks right now, so I can’t dive into this yarn just yet. I am hoping in about a week or so to be able to work with it.

ps…I bought it off of ebay…


Berroco Gag!

August 27, 2005

There is so much wrong with this… I think the only thing I like about that is one of the necklaces.


Knitted Soaker – in works

August 25, 2005

Too big? I knitted this soaker for my friend Patti (sh!! it’s a surprise!) It is the first soaker I have ever knitted. I am not finished with it, still need to make a tie, do the leg holes, and weave everything in. I used Iceland wool yarn and this pattern, which I have read many people like. However, after measuring in various spots it appears my guage goes from 5 stitches per inch to 4/5 stitches per inch and the soaker seems really huge. Should I frog it? I guess I will alert Patti to my blog to get her expert opinion.


Free Yarn and Sari Silk Yarn

August 24, 2005

So, you want free yarn? Justcinful posted it on her blog and so shall I. I signed up, heck, why not? ps…I wish this would give me more readers or atleast more comments. My blog is feeling lonely….creek…

OH…and my last yarn purchase for a long….long….time (yeah, right!) I won some Sari Silk yarn off of ebay….10 balls…gasp! I cannot wait to get it. I will take a picture when it comes (promise!)


KnitPicks, DPN’s, and Plants

August 23, 2005

I ordered from knit picks….sh…sh…sh…I never found out what the problem was, but it is good to be persistant.

Oh…and can someone help me? I don’t have one of those cool needle id set thingy. I bought the Susan Bates Sock Set DPN’s. The problem is, I don’t know what color is which. I can figure out the biggest…but I guess I am size impaired. What is bigger? Red or blue? I am guessing red is bigger.

Also, I am having a plant identification problem. I will be posting some pictures soon. In the pictures. I need to know…. Weed or Bush??….. and then the next one will be Tree or Bush??… and then Dead or Alive….and finally a picture showing my Gardenia Bush, the one bush I actually know what it is and love the flowers.

Weed or Plant??? It is about 6 plus feet tall.

Above Picture: Tree or Bush???? It has grown above the fence and the branches are about 12 feet tall. I am afraid to look for a trunk.

Dead Or Alive??? I was just thinking it is a seasonal dry looking thing…not sure though.

Gardenia – too hot to bloom