Rumors of ET Sequel

August 8, 2005

If so, I have the actress for Gertie….um, I mean Sierra. Doesn’t she look like a young Drew Barrymore? Someone contact Steven Spielberg for me or even Drew Barrymore. Okay, I am being weird…maybe it is the meds, ha ha…



  1. She is super cute.
    You can already put fashion model on her resume 😉
    Hugs, Faye

  2. She’s cute!

    Hey Wendy thanks for stopping by my blog and naming my, um, err, syndrome correctly. LOL

    Actually I’ve lightened up a lot since living with my husband. He’s a total slob and completely uncontrollable…We kinda have a ying/yang thing going!

  3. Wendy thanks for the link to your sister’s blog!

  4. She is so cute. Not exactly a Drew Barrymore look-a-like, but has some similar qualities. George Lucas made that movie right? Wasn’t he from Modesto?

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