RAOK and Home of Hope

August 16, 2005

Today I was RAOK’d. I was so surpised and it really made me happy. I had a bad pain day today with my back. I think it was because I slept through when I should have taken my pain medicine and then I got behind and was kind of withdrawing in my sleep, so I woke up all icky with chills and my back hurt like hell. How stupid is that? Instead of getting up and taking the meds I kept trying to roll over and sleep through it…even more stupid. So, I was 8 hours past due on taking my meds and that is just too long. I am weaning off of them and am down to taking 1 pill every 4 hours, instead of 2. That is good, I still need the meds though and I think that is okay, since I am only 3 1/2 weeks into my recovery. Hopefully in another week or so I won’t need meds anymore. I can’t wait!

So, back to my RAOK. Can you believe that somebody would send their first thread project to me? It is a gorgeous bookmark and I can’t wait to post a picture (will have to wait until my husband is around as I can’t bend to put the USB cable in the computer.) She also sent me a card, thanking me for my friendship (insert happy emoticon here!) I also received from her 2 gorgeous stitch markers! In fact, they are so gorgeous I am tempted to wear them as mismatched earings. (yes, I am crazy like that.) Thank you!! (should I say who you are or keep it a secret? I never know the etiquette of these types of things.)

On a side note, I was contacted by Home of Hope (A teen challenge organization.) They really need money for the home. I wish I had it to give. A friend of mine (still lover her like a sister,) who I haven’t seen in a long time was there last year and graduated from the program. It is a place for women to go who have drug/alcohol addictions and they can take their kids and recover from substance abuse while learning to take care of their kids and live in society.

It is such a great program. I was talking to the girl who called me and she knew my friend, as did the other girl in the background. I miss my friend. I haven’t heard from her in about a year. I wrote her a letter recently and am just praying that she is doing good, staying away from the bad influences and focusing on gaining control on her life and providing a good family for her 2 girls. Home of Hope saved my friend. She was so close to being dead (so close that the father of one of her girls was shot point blank and killed during some type of drug transaction gone bad.) If you need to give money this year to a charity, please, please consider Home of Hope. It doesn’t just benefit these women, but also their children.

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