Secret Pal Revealed

August 19, 2005

My summer c’ville secret Pal was Kathy/losingmymind2. I think her blog has got up and ran away from her as it appears blank to me! Here was the reveal package she sent me.

The 2 stuffed animals are for my daughters, Sierra and Madeleine. She also crocheted me some very festive dishcloths. I love the colors. The little bottle on the left hand corner is wool wash (I need some wool to wash!) She also sent me a knitting pattern, some plastic knitting needles, stitch markers (with all of the hook letter sizes on them), a spool of yellow ribbon and a notepad and emory board from her local area (Atlantic Beach.) Thank you!!



  1. Wendy, I’m glad you liked everything. I was hoping the girls would play quietly while you are recovering from your surgery. And you’re right about my blog. I think it ate my Acrylic Crack and OD’d; because I can’t find it either.

  2. They haven’t figured out what quiet means yet, however, the animals are getting some play!

    Yes…have you tried to log into your blog? Can I help in any way?

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