Welcome, Miss Dashwood

August 19, 2005

One of my projects (knitted) is Miss Dashwood. Here she is with dpn’s, which by the way I find very easy to use. As a beginning knitter I found that a circular needle and then dpn’s were very intimidating. However, because of my stubborn nature, I aimed to try a project that had both, so I can conquer 2 in one. In retrospect I found out how silly this is. I actually enjoyed circular knitting and I also enjoyed using the dpn’s. I had no problems with them at all.

Now, let’s talk about bobbles. I totally can do bobbles with crochet. They are “fun” and yet a little time consuming, but definately doable. Bobbles in knitting suck. My bobbles don’t look so hot. I am not sure about Miss Dashwood…here is my almost finished version. I used Cotton-Ease in Strawberry Cream. (I love this color and I wish I could find more of it in my area…) I still need to knit the straps of the hat and then try it on my baby model. I have a feeling the hat isn’t deep enough and is too wide. However, with the straps it might be okay. I will have to wait and see. I realize this last picture isn’t very good. I will post a better one tomorrow when I finish it.


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