What am I creating?

August 20, 2005

Yes, I am creating again. Yes, it is crochet! I decided after some trials with a knitted pullover I am making I would work up my daisy halter top into a pullover. Here is my first trial and it isn’t too bad. I am going to make one for Sierra this weekend as she is a better model. Madeleine moves around too much. So, here are some tasty pics. I am going to make the arms longer and might do 2 ruffles around the neck, not sure. I also am going to make Sierra’s more shapely, instead of just a “tube” as the body. The nice thing about this is if you liked my halter top pattern, you will like this and be able to whip it out with ease.

OH…and the funny thing about “trial and error” is I accidentally made the back of the top, the front of the sweater…can’t you tell? Maybe I can thread a ribbon through all of those joins. Or, I will tear it all back down, flip it around and “do it right.”


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