Yarn at Big Lots

August 30, 2005

And, here is the proof! I don’t know what brand any of this is, as I tried to google Eross and it doesn’t seem to exist. Eros exists, but don’t know if they are connected. It appears they both are Italian Yarns. Eros means love. Eross…means imposter?

However, what really made me laugh, and the reason I am posting about this (besides the obvious…that there is yarn there…) is the label of the yarn.

Powerful Yarns

Yes, it says that right under the label. That really cracks me up!



  1. Powerful? Not exactly my first thought when looking at ladder yarn, but then, I’m more a plain yarn kind of person, myself.

  2. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Still no word yet. I am hoping that no news is good news.

    It is hard to think of starting over after this devistation. Thank goodness they were able to evacuate and are safe and sound. Hopefully they will get the help that they need to start again.

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