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September 2, 2005

So, I was up all night watching the news. It was just terrible. I had a hard time peeling myself away from it. I remember seeing this women on there saying, why aren’t people driving here and saying, “hey, get into my car, I will take you home.” Of course, every alert the government agencies are saying is to stay away…it is sickening. Why is Houston the only place they can take people. There are no other domes or large shelters the buses can drive to? How in the hell are they going to rebuild a whole city like NewOrleans? There was so much history and culture there.
I am so worried for the people who are just stuck in those buildings with limited amounts of food. I really hope things change for them. It is so hard to realize this ha happened on US soil and that we aren’t doing more for them. It is very sad. There are people in the millitary who are trained to go in there and search and rescue people, but we aren’t using our resources this way. I also think that so many people in general would help if they new what to do, etc.

Finally, I have decided to cut back our budget to the bare minimum for a few months. We will still have internet. However, we have decided to cut our cell phones, gymnastics, netflix, and any other spending. We are going to try and stock up on food and other more important things as we are so tight budge-wise that I am worried. I just need to wait and see what the economy is going to do within the next few months and try and prepare us. I would suggest to others out there to do the same, it is better to be safe and put some money away and stock up on stuff you need.


One comment

  1. Good advice. We are also tightening up around here.
    I went and checked the yarn at B L’s – not good….
    Hugs, Faye

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