September 17, 2005

Ugh!! I am sick….coughing up a lung…and that isn’t really something you want to be doing 6 weeks post op from back surgery. I really hope this thing goes quickly and doesn’t linger for weeks. I am so miserable and don’t even want to attempt sleeping.

Took Sierra to the doctor today, ironically, as she has been coughing at recess and at night, she doesn’t have a cold. The doctor thinks she is developing asthma. Ugh…I am frusterated by this as I dealt with this as a kid and she has a double wammy as the doc says more then likely she will develop allergies, too (like Tony.)

Plans are being set in motion to move out of the valley and over to the coast. Not sure exactly how we are going to do this as there aren’t a lot of jobs over there. However, I have mentally made the decision and it won’t be very long before I can convince Tony. I love the townhouse we are in now, but can’t stand the air quality.

edited to add…. I think this is a sinus infection as my teeth and jaw hurts really bad. Does anyone know if a sinus infection like this is just a virus or needs a doctors attention? Crazy that I was just at the doctor yesterday for Sierra…I had no idea that I would be feeling like I should have been seen too.



  1. Ugh – sorry to hear you’re sick, Wendy. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. Generally, when the sinus problem makes my teeth hurt, it’s an infection that needs antibiotics. Of course, I generally tend to let things go for a few weeks and try and “get over” things on my own because I hate taking antibiotics. Instead I like to complain about it to anyone who will listen. However, most people aren’t like me and would get the medication.

  3. Yup, the valley is the worst place in the country for allergies. Our air quality sucks and there are a million allergens.

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