Crochetville Winter Scarf Swap

September 19, 2005

Oh…chickpea67…I know that this isn’t a surprise type thing…so, just thought I would give you a tease. I have to tell you that I don’t have the yarn the pattern called for. In fact, even the manufactures website didn’t have all of the yarns…

So I am substituting with interesting textures/combos/and colors….also…not sure the pattern is written how the picture looks…so kind of putting my own twist on it…would you like a tease? It is blurred…but on purpose. 😉


  1. That color is gorgeous! I bet it’s recipient will love it.

  2. Hehe…this is CHickpea67–I do love it. Great Colors. I looked at the yarn too the pattern required and was shocked at how much they wanted for it…so I’m very thankful to hear you’re not using it. I liked the look of the textures though so what you’re doing sounds to die for!!! I can’t wait. BTW while I was snooping I came across your little girl halters–precious!

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