Kool-Aid Hat

September 23, 2005

Yep, I am knitting up all of the Kool-Aid yarn. Here is a cute hat. I was going to make it for my friend’s son, but decided there is probably too much pink in there. My friend is such a kind person she would never tell me that it was too pink. I just have this feeling…besides, I put it on Madeleine’s head and she kind of went crazy modeling it for me and now I think she has claimed it. So, I went to my LYS and picked up 2 skeins of Cascade 220, color 9439 (which is blue with small amounts of green and purple in it.) Here is the pattern of the hat. It took me two nights to knit it up and I haven’t added the earflaps. I am not sure if I am going to.

Speaking of my LYS, I ran in there after I picked up Sierra from preschool (which by the way, she loves!) As I am purchasing the yarn, I start making small talk, which ended up sounding stupid. Then, I inquired if they were hiring, and of course everyone probably asks her that, which they weren’t. I just figured since I having Tony around for the mornings it would be nice to get a little extra income. So, then, just to really emphasize that I insist on making a fool of myself I ask her if she has anyone teaching crochet lessons, which she said no, she didn’t. She made sure she had my phone number and address and then I paid for my yarn and went on my merry way….

Until I got home and looked in the mirror. I had baby slime on my shoulder, I am wearing an old maternity shirt with bleached out armpits, shorts stained from chunky laundry detergent (don’t ask,) hair legs because it hurts my back to shave them, and hair barely brushed and pulled into pony tail. Can you say scummy? ICK! Plus, when I am nervous I babble and sometimes don’t make sense. I can only wonder what that lady was thinking about me as I left.

Mental note to self….the next time you decide to drop into local yarn store and ask for a job, make sure you are wearing clean clothes and are presentable!! sigh…



  1. Cute hat and adorable baby!!!

  2. Hat is adorable, as is the little model! What a smile!

    It never fails when I am looking my scummiest, most God-awful, I run into someone and end up having a conversation. Halfway through the conversation, I realize how crappy I look and get self-conscious and then start the stupid babbling.

  3. What a great hat Wendy! And the model is a doll too.

    You had me laughing right now at your story…

  4. Awesome hat! Great job!

    Oh man, I hear you on the appearance thing.The other day I was wearing nylons with a long skirt at work and in a meeting became HIGHLY aware that yes, I so need to shave my legs. Eeek!

  5. The hat came out awesome! From the pictures, I don’t see any pink at all. However, it looks great on Madeleine and I think she should keep it. 😉

  6. Love the hat. It looks perfect on your daughter.
    I once wore my houseshoes to town but that doesn’t beat the day that I ran into some people from church and was wearing a t-shirt that says ” Forget the bull – ride a cowboy”.

  7. ^_^ cute baby!! i hope i have such a pretty sister…

  8. That hat is so cute!! Don’t suppose me and Bayvin could get one, I’d buy the yarn for ya 🙂 Would it be possible to make one with that fuzzy yarn stuff you made scarfs with?

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