Crocheted and Knitted Pumpkins

October 14, 2005

Originally uploaded by earthwhisper.

Crocheted Pumpkin (my pattern) on the left,
Curly Purly knitted pumpkin on the right. As I was knitting up the Curly Purly pumpkin, I was inspired to crochet one. So, I came up with a pattern quite similar to the curly purly, however it is crochet. I will soon be making more of these pumpkins! Free Pattern for the Crocheted Pumpkin is posted Here. (if you have been to my free pattern site before you might have to refresh your browser.)


  1. Oh, I like the pumpkins-will you be sharing the pattern????????

  2. Last night at SNB I was sayin’ I need to make a pumpkin next. My friend Ellen sent me a bunch of pumkin patterns today. I’ve been going back and forth between using an existing pattern and making my own. I want to make a fairly large pumpkin so I will probably end up figuring out myself. Thanks for sharing yours…I am printing out the pattern.

  3. I have been wanting to crochet a pumpkin lately, but haven’t found any good patterns. Thank you for sharing this with us! Now if my printer wasn’t out of ink… Guess I’ll have to go to the library… Thanks again! I love fun crochet stuff like this.

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