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November 28, 2005

1. I finished something MAJOR…however, can't post about it for another few weeks…wah, I know. I am thrilled to finish it. It is gorgeous and others around me approve on its appearance. Since it is a Christmas gift, this is the most I can talk about….and really not saying anything, am I? Maybe I will just say it is of "french influence."

2. I got the free Disco Yarn in the mail today, I got Mr. Brown. It sure is funky. It almost looks like it would make good doll hair. I don't know. Interesting….I will have to set it aside for a future project….unless someone is dying to have mine…I might be willing to ship it out to them.

3. Thanksgiving was good. The food was great and I was incredibly lazy, since I didn't have to cook. We spent it with my grandparents (Grammy and Poppy) and my parents in Mendocino. On Friday, my grammy and my mom went into Mendocino with me and we did some shopping. Then, my grammy sent me into the yarn shop…it was heaven!

The Mendocino Yarn Shop has expanded to over twice its size that it was the last time I was there in the spring. It was so gorgeous in there. The people were super friendly and it was incredibly busy. This yarn store is definately a 5 star shopping experience!

I bought 2 hanks of Manos in Wildflowers Colorway…yum! I got in the car to tell them all about my experience, but my grammy told me I didn't buy enough yarn and sent me back in for more…(twist my arm…) when I happened upon 2 hanks of Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn in this Pink Posey. I also handled a $45 hank of silk/wool yarn, it was so shiny and soft. I don't remember the name of it, but have never seen anything like it before (in person.) I wasn't able to buy it, but did drool over it for awhile….so did the lady showing it to me.

4. On Saturday, we went to the Pigmy forest, which ended up being a 5 mile hike. I twisted my ankle and wore out my knee and back, but survived it. Honestly, it really was too much for me…what was I thinking? Oh…and Tony, he carried Madeleine the whole way, even while she napped. I think we are nuts! Luckily I had the bright idea (which I was made fun of at the time) to bring water with us. If only I would have thought to have brought a backpack with a picnic lunch.

I will try to upload some pictures later tonight or tomorrow. We are all pretty tired, but had a great time. The kids enjoyed all of the attention, but went to bed last night very easily. I could tell they missed their beds. Also, I noticed Madeleine missed her toys as she really went around last night to all of them to play with them. Too cute.


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2005

I will be out of town for a few days…I am trying to finish getting packed up so we can leave.

There are so many things I am thankful for this year. 🙂



November 22, 2005

I am registered for school. It was quite the hassle and they changed the prerequisites for one of my classes so I can’t take it until I take another class. To me, that is so frusterating, since I took the class 2 years ago, but had to drop it because Sierra got sick.

Yesterday was a rough day for me…Tony yelled at me, Sierra was crabby, Madeleine is teething…my class schedule wouldn’t work.

Today was better…Tony was nicer to me, Sierra happy, and Madeleine…well, still teething, got class schedule to work…

To top off my day, a good friend of mine, who use to be my best friend in elementary school stopped by to say hi. Later she sent me an email telling me that I brightened her day. It is funny, when we were kids we would talk about how when we got married we would live next door to each other and have kids at the same time. I am sure you had that conversation with your best friend in school. We don’t live next door, but in these days if you live in the same town, that is close enough! I am just very thrilled to have her in my life. It would be nice if I had time to make her something for Christmas….need to get my fingers moving!

Right now my fingers are working on Christmas stuff…less than 5 weeks! Oh…and since my family is having their party 1 week early…for me it is less than 4 weeks! ACK! I think I have it under control, do you?


Crochteville Holiday Gift Exchange – WOOT!

November 19, 2005

Holiday Gift Exchange
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The scarf laying on my couch is not show properly. It is so pretty. I am going to have Tony take a picture of it tomorrow…on me.

I am wearing it right now and it is so soft and warm. It is made from Debbie Bliss cashmerino astrakhan. I have never seen or used this yarn and am so impressed. The scarf is so very soft. I think I am in love with Alison, the wonderful person that sent this to me. Is that wrong? Do you think Tony will mind that I love another?

Now, to make this even better, she got the girls dolls. It was so fun taking the dolls out of the big yellow envelope. Both girls were just waiting to see if something was for them and they each knew who got what. In addition, they were so thrilled that their dolls had scarves. Very, very cool! Look at those faces. Don’t they just brighten your day?

Like it couldn’t get any better, I also got a knitting magazine, called Simply Knitting, which is a magazine from the UK. I haven’t quite had time to look through it, but I will tonight. **GRIN**

Thank you, thank you, thank you…Mother of All Needles…aka Alison. I am very happy today. 🙂


Tis the Season for a Snowman

November 13, 2005

I am participating in the Crochetville Holiday Gift Exchange. One of the requirements is to crochet something for your swap partner. My partner expressed that she liked snowmen (I like hot men personally)…okay…bad joke. She had mentioned she couldn’t find a snowman pattern she liked. Unfortunately I didn’t write the pattern down. I might write up the pattern if there is enough interest in him. I am working on some tight time constraints as there is only 6 weeks left until Christmas and really on 5 weeks left for me as we are having our family Christmas party a week before Christmas.

I was a little uncomfortable about the transition from the first large snowball on the bottom to the second snowball. I think if I do end up making another snowman I will change it a little bit. It is cute though how it is and I just remind myself that he just got a little bit too much sun on that side. 😉

Oh, and I lost the tip of one of those blue plastic darning needles inside of him…(oops.) There was no way I was going to take him apart to fish it out…so some life forms have a heart and some have…a blue tip of a needle. 😉


Dishcloths – Part 2

November 11, 2005

A week ago I asked, “What can you get from 1 ball of Lion Brand Cotton?” The answer, I posted here.

On Crochetville, there is a topic on selling dishcloths. The original poster was trying to find a good price to sell them at a craft fair and (pardon the pun) it is a fair question to ask.

To recap on my post about the Lion Brand Cotton, I was able to get 4 dishcloths out of 1 (5 oz) ball of yarn, a total supply cost of about $4.79.

Interesting enough, I was making a few more dishcloths today, so decided to see how much I could get from 1 (2 oz) ball of Peaches & Creme

Sorry for the bad picture. I was trying to photograph on the grid to get a size reference to show these are pretty good sized dishcloths, with just a small amount of yarn left.

Note: the cost of this yarn is roughly $1.69-$2.00 for a 2 oz ball (which is less than half the size of the LB Cotton.) From this estimate, I could get 2 stars and 2 squares from a 4 oz ball. In addition, if I bought LB Cotton in a varigated color it only comes in 4 oz balls, so I would probably get even less for more money.

To conclude today’s small study on dishcloths, Peaches & Creme does appear to be the economical choice if you were going to sell at a craft fair. It comes in great colors and is inexpensive. Personally, I would sell them in sets of 2 for $5, if I were selling dishcloths at a fair….but…what do I know? I have zero craft fair experience.

oh…and to totally bore…um…er…I mean keep you at the edge of your seat….stay tuned….I do have plans to finish my study with Sugar’n Cream. My husband says as long as I am not crocheting soap bottle “dresses” I am okay (guess he didn’t see my candy cozies.) 😉


Tis the Season for Wool

November 9, 2005

Here are some wool (or wool blend) projects I have been working on:

1. Is a wool soaker for Angie, who is due to deliver a boy in a few weeks. I don’t know if she reads my blog…guess I will find out. Does this yarn look familiar?

2. Is the Irish Hiking Scarf, in progress. It is approximately 2 feet. This is what it looks like after 3 days of knitting and 1 ball of yarn. I learned cables. 🙂
You can’t really see the cables to well in the pictures, but you can in person and that is what matters. The yarn is LB Wool-Ease, color Woods Print. A few months ago I worked with the wool-ease and I didn’t like it one bit. However, it was sport weight and it split a lot and was very difficult to use. It appears the worsted weight is much easier to use and is pretty soft. I would suggest to anyone interested in doing an afghan that had some warmth wool offered and the softness acrylic offers that this would be the yarn to use. This is the first of the many Christmast presents I am making. The person who will be receiving this asked me to make him a scarf to go hiking with. Yes, he is a man that hikes, so I think this scarf will be perfect for him.

3. Four Play from Brooks Farm Yarns – Isn’t it gorgeous? The colorway that I bought is more earthy and darker than the picture they have. I ordered Damsel 3. First I really want to say that they gave me such great customer service. After I ordered the yarn, I changed my mind on the color as I wasn’t sure about the brightness of the blue. So I emailed them to see if I could change to my second choice, which was Amber. They promptly emailed me back to tell me they didn’t have enough of Amber, as I needed 3 skeins and if I could wait a few weeks they would have more. I couldn’t wait, so I decided to go with my original color and am glad that I did. They shipped it to me fast! As soon as I am finished with the Irish Hiking Scarf I am going to be putting that yarn on the needles, it is in secret though as yes, this too is a Christmas present. I suppose I will have to brag about what I have made at the end of December.

4. Finally, I am knitting Madeleine a pair of wool pants. Do you recognize this yarn? I hope I have enough of it. I am learning short rows…fun.

I feel a bit guilty talking only about knitting…but I assure you there is some crocheting going on. I am working on crocheting a snowman for my Holiday swap partner. I am still working out the kinks, so hopefully soon I will have a joyful picture I can show you. The crocheted sweater I am designing is on hold until after I get all of my Christmas gifts done (secretly, I knew this would happen.)