Tis the Season for Wool

November 9, 2005

Here are some wool (or wool blend) projects I have been working on:

1. Is a wool soaker for Angie, who is due to deliver a boy in a few weeks. I don’t know if she reads my blog…guess I will find out. Does this yarn look familiar?

2. Is the Irish Hiking Scarf, in progress. It is approximately 2 feet. This is what it looks like after 3 days of knitting and 1 ball of yarn. I learned cables. 🙂
You can’t really see the cables to well in the pictures, but you can in person and that is what matters. The yarn is LB Wool-Ease, color Woods Print. A few months ago I worked with the wool-ease and I didn’t like it one bit. However, it was sport weight and it split a lot and was very difficult to use. It appears the worsted weight is much easier to use and is pretty soft. I would suggest to anyone interested in doing an afghan that had some warmth wool offered and the softness acrylic offers that this would be the yarn to use. This is the first of the many Christmast presents I am making. The person who will be receiving this asked me to make him a scarf to go hiking with. Yes, he is a man that hikes, so I think this scarf will be perfect for him.

3. Four Play from Brooks Farm Yarns – Isn’t it gorgeous? The colorway that I bought is more earthy and darker than the picture they have. I ordered Damsel 3. First I really want to say that they gave me such great customer service. After I ordered the yarn, I changed my mind on the color as I wasn’t sure about the brightness of the blue. So I emailed them to see if I could change to my second choice, which was Amber. They promptly emailed me back to tell me they didn’t have enough of Amber, as I needed 3 skeins and if I could wait a few weeks they would have more. I couldn’t wait, so I decided to go with my original color and am glad that I did. They shipped it to me fast! As soon as I am finished with the Irish Hiking Scarf I am going to be putting that yarn on the needles, it is in secret though as yes, this too is a Christmas present. I suppose I will have to brag about what I have made at the end of December.

4. Finally, I am knitting Madeleine a pair of wool pants. Do you recognize this yarn? I hope I have enough of it. I am learning short rows…fun.

I feel a bit guilty talking only about knitting…but I assure you there is some crocheting going on. I am working on crocheting a snowman for my Holiday swap partner. I am still working out the kinks, so hopefully soon I will have a joyful picture I can show you. The crocheted sweater I am designing is on hold until after I get all of my Christmas gifts done (secretly, I knew this would happen.)



  1. Your projects look great! Irish Hiking Scarf is growing. Mine has stalled at about 9″. I had planned to work on it last night but could not find my project (long story).

  2. I like all your projects! I need to consider making an Irish Hiking Scarf too – your’s is turning out great. 🙂 Love the soaker – beautiful colors!

  3. Gorgeous yarns and projects!

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