Dishcloths – Part 2

November 11, 2005

A week ago I asked, “What can you get from 1 ball of Lion Brand Cotton?” The answer, I posted here.

On Crochetville, there is a topic on selling dishcloths. The original poster was trying to find a good price to sell them at a craft fair and (pardon the pun) it is a fair question to ask.

To recap on my post about the Lion Brand Cotton, I was able to get 4 dishcloths out of 1 (5 oz) ball of yarn, a total supply cost of about $4.79.

Interesting enough, I was making a few more dishcloths today, so decided to see how much I could get from 1 (2 oz) ball of Peaches & Creme

Sorry for the bad picture. I was trying to photograph on the grid to get a size reference to show these are pretty good sized dishcloths, with just a small amount of yarn left.

Note: the cost of this yarn is roughly $1.69-$2.00 for a 2 oz ball (which is less than half the size of the LB Cotton.) From this estimate, I could get 2 stars and 2 squares from a 4 oz ball. In addition, if I bought LB Cotton in a varigated color it only comes in 4 oz balls, so I would probably get even less for more money.

To conclude today’s small study on dishcloths, Peaches & Creme does appear to be the economical choice if you were going to sell at a craft fair. It comes in great colors and is inexpensive. Personally, I would sell them in sets of 2 for $5, if I were selling dishcloths at a fair….but…what do I know? I have zero craft fair experience.

oh…and to totally bore…um…er…I mean keep you at the edge of your seat….stay tuned….I do have plans to finish my study with Sugar’n Cream. My husband says as long as I am not crocheting soap bottle “dresses” I am okay (guess he didn’t see my candy cozies.) 😉



  1. I have been working on my own dishcloth patterns-see what you started!

  2. Thanks for the research! It sounds like now you’re a woman with a mission!!

    LOL, about the soap dress. I have one for my dishsoap and I love it!

  3. I would say $6 for one, and two for $10 at a craft fair…you gotta pay yourself for your time!

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