November 22, 2005

I am registered for school. It was quite the hassle and they changed the prerequisites for one of my classes so I can’t take it until I take another class. To me, that is so frusterating, since I took the class 2 years ago, but had to drop it because Sierra got sick.

Yesterday was a rough day for me…Tony yelled at me, Sierra was crabby, Madeleine is teething…my class schedule wouldn’t work.

Today was better…Tony was nicer to me, Sierra happy, and Madeleine…well, still teething, got class schedule to work…

To top off my day, a good friend of mine, who use to be my best friend in elementary school stopped by to say hi. Later she sent me an email telling me that I brightened her day. It is funny, when we were kids we would talk about how when we got married we would live next door to each other and have kids at the same time. I am sure you had that conversation with your best friend in school. We don’t live next door, but in these days if you live in the same town, that is close enough! I am just very thrilled to have her in my life. It would be nice if I had time to make her something for Christmas….need to get my fingers moving!

Right now my fingers are working on Christmas stuff…less than 5 weeks! Oh…and since my family is having their party 1 week early…for me it is less than 4 weeks! ACK! I think I have it under control, do you?


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