November 28, 2005

1. I finished something MAJOR…however, can't post about it for another few weeks…wah, I know. I am thrilled to finish it. It is gorgeous and others around me approve on its appearance. Since it is a Christmas gift, this is the most I can talk about….and really not saying anything, am I? Maybe I will just say it is of "french influence."

2. I got the free Disco Yarn in the mail today, I got Mr. Brown. It sure is funky. It almost looks like it would make good doll hair. I don't know. Interesting….I will have to set it aside for a future project….unless someone is dying to have mine…I might be willing to ship it out to them.

3. Thanksgiving was good. The food was great and I was incredibly lazy, since I didn't have to cook. We spent it with my grandparents (Grammy and Poppy) and my parents in Mendocino. On Friday, my grammy and my mom went into Mendocino with me and we did some shopping. Then, my grammy sent me into the yarn shop…it was heaven!

The Mendocino Yarn Shop has expanded to over twice its size that it was the last time I was there in the spring. It was so gorgeous in there. The people were super friendly and it was incredibly busy. This yarn store is definately a 5 star shopping experience!

I bought 2 hanks of Manos in Wildflowers Colorway…yum! I got in the car to tell them all about my experience, but my grammy told me I didn't buy enough yarn and sent me back in for more…(twist my arm…) when I happened upon 2 hanks of Claudia's Hand Painted Yarn in this Pink Posey. I also handled a $45 hank of silk/wool yarn, it was so shiny and soft. I don't remember the name of it, but have never seen anything like it before (in person.) I wasn't able to buy it, but did drool over it for awhile….so did the lady showing it to me.

4. On Saturday, we went to the Pigmy forest, which ended up being a 5 mile hike. I twisted my ankle and wore out my knee and back, but survived it. Honestly, it really was too much for me…what was I thinking? Oh…and Tony, he carried Madeleine the whole way, even while she napped. I think we are nuts! Luckily I had the bright idea (which I was made fun of at the time) to bring water with us. If only I would have thought to have brought a backpack with a picnic lunch.

I will try to upload some pictures later tonight or tomorrow. We are all pretty tired, but had a great time. The kids enjoyed all of the attention, but went to bed last night very easily. I could tell they missed their beds. Also, I noticed Madeleine missed her toys as she really went around last night to all of them to play with them. Too cute.


  1. I got the brown, too, lol. Do you think it was only free cuz that was the only way to get rid of the brown?

  2. I got the brown also…it’s a conspiracy!

  3. Glad you had a good holiday weekend. I also got that barfalicious brown. Good idea on the dollhair. Or would be helpful in crocheting a muppet.
    I LOVE MANOS! I bet that color is cool. I just got the choc. brown one when I was in Atlanta.

  4. I’m outside of Atlanta and I got the Aqua Velvet.
    I can’t what to see what you made.

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