December 1, 2005

Here are all of the pictures I promised you…

Do you remember “Tis the Season for Wool” and do you remember my shopping trip last weekend? Well…let me tell you when I went into the yarn store, I pretty much danced to all of the wool in the store. I felt and explored all of it. Truly you can see why I bought these…hello, can we say gorgeous? The pink is going to be a present (shhhh!! it’s a secret.) At first I thought I would make pants out of the Manos…but it is saying something else to me…so will just have to wait and see. btw – people who truly know me know that I am really not a “pink person” however…I would say the past few years has really changed me and I am drawn to warmer colors. I have even been seen donning something pink periodically (gasp!) Although, I would love to wear just blue…I suppose that is boring.

Can you say Magic Mushroom? (aka Fly Agaric) I will not tell you the story of how one time when I was in my early 20’s I went on a hike for some hotsprings………..I will just tell you that was a bad idea and yes, the “ax attacker” boyfriend talked me into it…stupid!

This last weekend we went on a hike and we came across these…didn’t see any smurfs though. Gave out the lecture to Sierra how it was important to not eat mushrooms unless you buy them from a store. (ps…will not talk about my early 20’s…or anything crazy like that.)

Did you ever wonder what Pigmy Forest would look like? Well…here is a picture from our hike. The trees are called Pigmy’s because their growth is stunted from the acidic soil. The trees are cyprus and the bushes are Rhododendrons.

ps…Sandy, if you are out there…do you like the sky? It was a pretty blue sky that day, gorgeous for a November in Mendocino (which is known for getting lots of rain.)

Tony was amazed on how large the clover was. It definately wasn’t the kind you find out in the schoolyard. He used Sierra’s 4 year old hand for size reference. See any fairies?

Mr. Brown the freebie yarn …I am thinking this is going to make a nice White Elephant gift this year….any ideas?

Thank you everyone for posting on my blog. I really appreciate all of your comments. If you are lurking, please feel free to leave a comment….I may one day find myself on your blog commenting to you. Love that! πŸ™‚



  1. I DO love that sky! And the mushrooms. And the clovers. And the pygmy trees! Great hike!

  2. ah yes, the things we can’t tell our children…at least until they are MUCH older and doing stupid things of their own. Beautiful photos too, I always decapitate things.

  3. LOVE the Pigmy Forest. Thanks for sharing your pics!

  4. The trouble comes when your kids have the cheek to ask just where you think you’ve been till this hour! Happened to me recently with my 18 year old!! And pink….. I hated pink until recently, now it’s my colour! Oh well only a few years till the blue or mauve rinse I suppose!

  5. That yarn is freakin’ gorgeous!!!

  6. Mmmmm, Manos, my new love. I really really like that color! I don’t think I’ve seen that combo before! I too love just being among the wool at LYS’s.–>

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