Christmas Parade

December 2, 2005

Me and the kiddos at the local Christmas Parade…you can’t tell, but I am wearing my gorgeous scarf that I received from the Holiday Swap at Crochetville. It really kept me warm. Sierra is wearing Nell (the sweater) I made for her. Madeleine is wearing the Kool-Aid hat. I love being able to wear all of our yarn goodies outside. 🙂

At the Parade, I shouted out to different City Council Members and the Superintendent of the local schools…kind of like this…

“Hey, Kurt!” (got his attention) “We need a cross walk in front of Osborn School.”
He yells back, “Yes, we do!” and gives me the thumbs up.

Everyone around me cheered and one lady said, “hey, I am your witness, he said he will do something about that.”

I got a similar response from the Superintendent.

You already know from the title of my blog that I am “crazy.” So, it is to no surprise that I have sudden outbursts in public places to get my point across. These are city officials, representing us common folk. So, I just took advantage of them….for a good cause, though.

You see, every day I drive by Osborn School. The school sits on a corner. Oddly enough, there are only 2 crosswalks by the school. The first one is at the light on the corner. The second one is about a 1/4 mile down the road at a 4-way stop. There is parking across the street from the school and parents line up there to pick up their kids. There is a small ballpark across the street. Yet, there is no crosswalk (I am assuming because there is no sidewalk across the street.) Every day parents with their kids have to jaywalk across the street to get to their vehicles.

Too many kids are in the street. Last year one kid got hit by a car. My child doesn’t go to this school, but I am still bothered by it. So every day I drive by it and worry about the kids and get upset that there isn’t a teacher or an adult directing the kids to the only 2 crosswalks they have. This is one of the less fortunate schools in the town. There is no way this would be a problem at a school on the otherside of town…if you know what I mean…

Finally this weekend it just occured to me that I need to do something or I will just be bugged forever…or until I stop driving by that school. In fact, I did kind of take a longer detour, just so I didn’t have to see the “problem.” It was my goal this week to start writing letters to anyone with power who would read them. Maybe the powers that be alread know about this? I will start writing letters until I see some sign of a crosswalk or adult figure rerouting kids. The kids need to be protected.

I just saw the new crochet me…I am making the sprites ASAP so they will make it in the stockings….too cute!

I received the Winter 2005 issue of Interweave Knits and look forward to the article on Short Rows, since I have been “battling” them on a pair of pants I knitted for Madeleine. I decided to just knit them, even with the short rows having obvious areas where I turned. I look forward to reviewing and trying some other techniques on other things I knit. (possibly another pair of pants if I can finish the first…ha ha)

I also liked the looks of the Bi-Color Cables. I don’t know if I will ever make a cardigan like that, but it is pretty cute and I look forward to seeing Bron make it…as I have this feeling she will. 😉

I am going to download their hat patterns, as I have a few hats I need to get knitted this winter… one for myself.

Deneen, I am glad you are feeling a bit better. I have been missing you. Take care of yourself. I hope Elena has a good birthday party. I am curious what a party at Michaels entails….I hope to read all about it soon. 🙂

Patti…here is a shout out to you that I hope your baby comes soon and your aren’t plagued with 20 minute bouts of labor for the next 2 weeks. The last 4 weeks of pregnancy with Madeleine were sheer torture as my body contracted on and off for weeks…I totally have been there, hopefully you will have a “normal” sized baby and not a 12 pound toddler, like I did. You know I am going to beg you to let me make you some meals so I can come over and get a look-see at the new baby girl…ha ha! 😉


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  1. Feel free to make me as many meals as you’d like! 😉

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