Irish Hiking Scarf – Progress

December 3, 2005

For a few days I didn’t crochet or knit…I had a bad migraine. Today I picked the Irish Hiking Scarf back up and am now at about 46″ long. The finished scarf will measure 55″ long, so I only have 9″ to go. I was worried in the beginning I would run out of yarn, so I bought 1 ball of the LB Wool-Ease (the other 2 balls came from the Falling Yarn Swap at Crochetville.)

I have this feeling I am going to have 1 ball of this yarn left over. Honestly, I am very unsure about this yarn. It is soft and I like the colors. I am hoping it has enough wool to keep the recipient warm. I am very tempted to quickly finish this and then make the Seaman’s Scarf in Paton’s Merino (thank you Michaels for carrying wool.) I do have a few (okay…make that a LOT) of things I need to finish first.

ps…like my fancy schmancy house tape measure? For the longest time I had to use Tony’s tape measure out of his tool box. When I was shopping with my Grammy in Mendocino, we saw these cute tape measures and she noticed I was playing with it and bought it for me. I can now measure myself and my children properly. Thank you Grammy! I love it. 🙂


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