Frappr and Prizes

December 19, 2005

Every day I get an email from Frappr telling me that Sandy has more friends than me. When I first signed up on Frappr maps of assorted blogs, I never got an account, so didn’t have to deal with this email thing. However, I got the “not so bright” idea that maybe I would like to see where my readers are from also. So, I set up an account. Bron, bless her, was my first Frappr chick (aka signer-uper.)

Then, it was just me and Bron for a few days and I kind of felt sad, but was also in denial…like, maybe my readers are busy or something…it just couldn’t be that I had so few readers. So, like any brave little blogger would do, I went to some of my dear blogging pals and “whined” on their blogs to come over to my little ol’ blog and sign the map. Luckily, a few did and so the numbers grew to 8 (and yes, that is including myself.)

8 is nice, until I got the email one day telling me Sandy has 8 people sign up with her in one day. I figured out, once you set up an account, when you sign someone else’s Frappr map then it emails you anytime someone else joins the map. I think I have Frappr-Envy.

Check out our Frappr!

Here is the ultimatum:

Sign up on my map before the end of December. On January 1st. I will be drawing names from off of that map and will be giving out a few prizes…. I think right now I will keep the prizes a little secret and might reveal them right before the deadline.

Remember…sign up on my map by December 31. On January 1st, I will be drawing names from the map for PRIZES.

Thank you to the 8 readers who have signed my map. 🙂


  • I signed your Frappr maps.
  • I read your blogs.
  • I comment on your posts.
  • I envy your talent.
  • I lust over your spinning or crocheting or knitting or designing.
  • I join your yahoo groups
  • I join the knitalongs or crochetalongs or _______alongs
  • I call you my friends.
  • help a girl out and you will be prize worthy 😉


  1. Hehehe – I have Frappr envy all the time. I think for most of us, there is a magic number at which we stall. 🙂 Like most things in blogdom, it seems to have been a passing fancy.

    However, way cool about the prizes! Glad I’m already in the running. :::grin:::

  2. Hi Wendy! I read your blog all the time. I’m just horrible about posting comments…I’ll be better. 🙂

  3. Angie, I am the lame friend who hasn’t come by to see your beautiful baby.

  4. Offer them prizes and they will come.

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