Had to have a Panta

December 19, 2005

Yep, you read that right. I noticed on another blog (would give you the link to the blog, but bloglines is down…and frankly, can’t remember of the 100 + people that I am subscribed to.) …this Panta…and had to make one. I used just a smidge less than 2 ozs, the remainder of what I had from making the clapotis. Easy, easy project. Took about 1 night to make.

I wish I coud say I made this gorgeous sweater….I bought it at Dress Barn this weekend. I rarely dress “cute.” I think it is a nice upgrade from the t-shirt and jeans look I normally sport. No, Panta doesn’t match…still had to try it on, though…

Pattern: Panta (aka…really cool headband.)
Yarn: Brooks Farm Yarn, Four Play, Damsel 3 approx 2 ozs
Needles: Size 5
Time: about 1 night of good solid knitting.



  1. Panta matches the clapotis….

    All right your holding out on me, thats a whole essential to the clapotis, I’ll buy it, how much?

  2. I discovered the Panta, too! I joined up on a Panta blog to make one, too! Love how yours turned out!

  3. You do panta! Yours looks great!

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