Another Jaywalker

December 29, 2005

Another Jaywalker sock…I am liking this one, but the colors aren't showing up right in the picture. That light green is a "mint ice cream green" and it just doesn't look right with the rest of the colors. However, that is just my opinion and I think my mom would love these as green is one of her favorite colors. So, I am pretty sure I am going to be passing these onto her when I am done making them.

Yes, that is Anatomy & Physiology…it is an old book I had, but I will be taking that class this Spring and will be needing to buy current books…figured out I will need over $200 for books for only 2 classes. 10 years (has it been that long?) a new text book would cost about $75. Same text book today is atleast $100.

My Holiday Gift Exchange buddy, mother of all needles, was so awesome. She sent this to me in the mail a few days ago and was such a pleasant surprise! I asked her if she could find me this magazine as I saw it in the interweave magazine and after further investigation found that it had over 30 knit patterns for babies and kids. I could not find this magazine anywhere here. I am so lucky to happen to have a swap partner who lives in the UK. 🙂 I have already marked several projects from this magazine on my list to do for the next year.

She also sent me some "funky" yarn. It has these "feathered ribbons" on them. I envision this being a little bit of jazz added to another yarn to make a funky scarf. Will have to see. I do need to get my hook out. I feel guilty I have been doing so much knitting and not enough crocheting. I like knitting…a lot! I like crocheting too. I do this. I will get into one craft for awhile and everything else sits on the shelf while I explore the newness of my new craft. My hooks are not forgotten. In fact, I have been drooling over this hook that 3 olives received from a Crochetville member, Jimbo. I really want one of these, size G/7 or H.

This weekend, to end my frappr map contest (ps…did you sign it yet?) I have decided to pick 1 name for every 10 names on my Frappr Map. Right now we are at 28 (counting me,) so I will pick 2 names, but if I get 30 I will pick 3…see where this is going? pss…thanks everyone for signing it. It really has made my day! I know I have numbers of people coming here, for whatever reason…I know it is hard to "de-cloak" yourself…but it is fun for me to see who is reading this thing.

I will post the whole story on how I started to crochet and the beginnings of all of this. It really wasn't that long ago, but I must say I think I have found my niche.

Last but not least, my Christmas Elf sent this gorgeous pink and yellow baby wool yarn (it is Asian,) a Christmas dishcloth, a pretty cool sparkly pen, and a Christmas Card. Thank you Elf, you know who you are. You know how much this made my day.

Oh…and because I didn't get a spinning wheel for Christmas, I bought this off ebay. Hopefully it will come in the mail today.

I slept on the couch again today and woke up feeling pretty good. No pain. I guess I am going to be saying "Adios" to my bed. Any suggestions on beds?

I joined a new swap for the Spring. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=18926

By the way, did I mention my new favorite song? 3 Doors Down, Landing in London. LOVE IT! I also like Vertical Horizon Best I Ever Had.



  1. I signed your map Wendy =) Looks like I was number 30 lol. Watch out, spinning is addictive! I got my Annie May spindle for my bday in January and was hooked immediately! Have fun =)

  2. Yay for goodies!

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