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Ebay feedback question?

January 31, 2006

I emailed the ebay seller about the yarn I was looking for. She said she had it and would send it to me with a price plus shipping. I decided to buy one of her auctions, to spread the shipping cost as 1 ball of yarn didn’t seem worth the shipping. Ends up, like I said in the previous post, that she sent the wrong yarn that I needed. However, I do like the yarn I got from the auction that I bid on. I am going to keep both yarns that I bought, but I do kind of feel tricked.

You see, she told me that her supplier told her the ocean was tidepool, colorway. However, I also provided her with the color #. In addition, I emailed her through the original auction that I had bought the tidepool, so she could see in that picture they weren’t the same. I think she told me she had it, then looked and didn’t have it. She waited over a week to ship it, then shipped the wrong one, knowing I wouldn’t send it back. Who sends back 1 ball of yarn? In addition, since I didn’t buy it through an auction, I can’t really give her negative feedback for it, you know? Not that I think that I would, but it is all weird.

Of course, even though I paid her right when the auction ended she has sat on my feedback, which pisses me off because I did my part. I paid her. She should give me positive feedback.

I want to give her positive feedback and state that I love the cotton twist (which I do!) However, also mention that I got the wrong iceland. Is that bad? I know I should drop it…just tell me to drop it.

By the way…How many credit card applications do you get per week? Tony and I have been getting almost 2 per day, for each of us. It drives me bonkers…plus, I have noticed the envelope keeps getting bigger and bigger, like they think we didn’t see it the first 50 times they sent us them in just 2006.

I think I did good on my test. The scantron part was fast and easy. The written part was more difficult as I had to draw info from the black hole (aka my brain.) Also, I guess we needed to hand in review questions and of course (like the bad 6th grader I felt like) I didn’t have them. Honestly, I had no idea they were due as he scribbled that on the lab board last Thursday and with all of the other junk he had up there, I read it like labs due and didn’t see it was reviews. He said I can hand it in on Thursday (with a 2 point deduction…oh well.)

Also, he mentioned on my last quiz that I was missing a quiz. I talked to him about it and said to him, “don’t you remember when you made an example of me in front of the whole class?” He couldn’t believe he did that…apologized, and then told me luckily I can drop a quiz. Yes, he mentioned that already….sigh. I swear I will get through this like a good student. I just have to be schooled on remedial crap. Wait until I get my test back and get one of the only A’s in class (yeah, so what if I am a little cocky.) I think the teacher will look at me differently and realize some people don’t need to turn in remedial homework to do well on the test. In fact, everyone used a study sheet….guess what, I didn’t. Stupid, maybe but I didn’t feel I needed one. School and learning is for me and either I know it or I don’t. I was the second person to turn in my test, I guess because I wan’t reading through a study sheet. 😉



January 30, 2006

I thought my Yarn problem of not having enough Crystal Palace Iceland – color tidepool (7247) was solved. It took almost 2 weeks for the ebay seller to send the yarn and it isn’t the right one. She sent me color ocean, 7258, which is gorgeous but isn’t what I needed. I just found out from the ebay seller that the yarn rep told her the 7258 was tidepool, but it isn’t. She said if I send the yarn back she will refund my money. Ugh. It isn’t worth sending the yarn back as you all know I can find use for it. I just need 1 ball of tidepool and now as far as I know, it doesn’t exist anymore. Blah!

I also bought 10 skeins of cotton twist, isn’t it shiny and gorgeous? (sorry for the lighting…it is raining outside and I just snapped a quick pic.) It is 30% rayon and 70% cotton. I want to make the Angelica Sweater which is suppose to be made with 100% silk.

Do you think I can substitute with this yarn? There isn’t any stretch to it, does 100% silk have stretch? I hope the ebay seller just made a mistake and has the yarn I need. Otherwise Sierra’s sweater might stay unfinished or I will have to rip it and make it a Madeleine sweater and I just don’t have the time anymore for that, darn school.

On my last post, thank you for all the kind comments. I have finally stopped crying about it all and am trying to relax a bit. I actually know where Tony is coming from, but wish he wouldn’t go that direction. You see…without getting all in mental about things…people do mimic how their parents are. I do not want my relationship to mirror how Tony’s parents are….yet, that is what he is doing, unknowingly or not. I do think Tony needs counseling, but I also think that is something he needs to go do on his own, not have me make him do it.

Do you ever feel sometimes like, “how dare you talk about things like that…in public/online…” Well, maybe by me talking outloud about this stuff it will help me continue to be okay with myself and maybe help others who are having similar problems be able to talk about it or atleast realize others are going through it.


Design trials – aka Valentine dream top

January 29, 2006

I have to admit this isn’t what my “dream project” was suppose to be, it kind of morphed into this as I was working on it. The original was a tank top, but I decided would be too cold for this time of year. This was originally 2 inches wider, but I ripped it all out and took it in as I thought I would be too wide…boy was I wrong. I think I would have been right the first time. The top on Sierra is too small, but the arms are the right length. I am very happy with how I got the arms to fit on the top and I think I will use this method for other tops that I design in crochet as it seems to work for me.

I tried the top on Madeleine and it fits perfect around, but the arms are too long. The arms are worked from the bottom up, so I would have to take the arms off and then rip them, which would be a little bit of work, but not impossible to do. The heart motif kind of lost its shape on the top after I sewed it down.

As much as this seems like a flop, it actually is a success as I got the arms on and I like how they look and I got the basic design down. Really, I would have to make several versions again if I wanted to make this into a pattern. (I am not a one shot gal like some of you guys!)

Anyone have a skinny daughter with long arms?


Will it work?

January 28, 2006

Here is the sleave seam for a crocheted top that I am designing. I am still trying to get the idea of creating something with sleaves. Do you think this will work and these will fit together like this? I am thinking so… I guess you will have to wait and see, probably tomorrow.

Oh, and Kelly, my crochetville “handle” is earthwhisper. 🙂


Science Lesson

January 26, 2006

Everyone (well most of us anways) knows the air we breath is oxygen and the air we exhale is carbon dioxide (or CO2,) right?

One would assume that the Oxygen we breath in is converted to the Carbon dioxide we exhale, however that assumption would be wrong.

Did you know that your food you eat is broken down to its basic elements and the Carbon from your food is what you exhale?

So you may be asking (or you may not) what do we do with the Oxygen we breath in? Well, as your body is making energy for the cells from the food you eat and it is going through different reactions it has these hydrogens that have no where to go. The Oxygen you breath in bonds with the hydrogens and you get…..yep, Water!

It is Thursday night, and I have a little bit of homework to do and then I will be getting back to my yarn.



January 25, 2006

Deneen sent me The Crochet Stitch Bible. I am so thrilled. Did you know that I did not own a crochet book? I can’t stop looking at it and I am trying to study…oh, one of the hardest chapters of the Microbiology book…here are 3 words to make you stop wanting to read my blog tonight…

Kreb Cycle

Need I say more? Thanks Deneen…(ps…I sent you a little something in return.) 🙂

I have also been tagged by two people. Did you know I have never been tagged before? I will do it by Friday.


Microbiology in terms of Yarn

January 24, 2006

First, I made it to class early, got the seat I wanted, and aced my quiz…woot!

Secondly, I think it is funny as we were talking about DNA, how I was in my mind relating it to yarn…

teacher: DNA has double stranded DNA that form a ring.
in my head: hmmm, that looks like crocheting with 2 strands of yarn in the round.

teacher: humans have double stranded DNA in a double helix
in my head: yes, I see…2 strands of yarn, almost done in double crochet, but it twists and is definately done flat, doesn’t connect…

I also wondered if it was bad ettiquette to pull out yarn in class. I didn’t, but I had it readily available and periodically I kept thinking about it.

The funniest thing though is my teacher ran to the back of the lecture room mumbling to himself and then changed into a wig, glasses/nose, and a lab coat and changed his voice. He looked like Mr. Nudo, yes I know that actor passes away a few years ago.

Since I have been studying and being a parent and well, doing all the other millions of things that I do, I don’t have any progress pics. Sorry.

ps….I mailed out a bunch of packages today. I mailed out some RAOK’s. I mailed out the wool for my Winter wool partner at Crochetville. I mailed out my blog contest gifts.