Prize Winners and a New Year!

January 1, 2006

Croagney, Roxanne, and Lauren are the winners. Tony, Sierra and I each drew a name from the santa mug (dollar store santa mug had to be used for something.) Please email me at ravinfamily at sbcglobal dot net your mailing address and if you have an allergies or preferences (such as anything you have been looking for that you really can’t find or something you have been dying to try…) Thanks everyone for entering my contest. It was fun for me.

Sure doesn’t take long to grow a Chia Shrek. He sprouted a few days after we “planted” him and now in less than 2 weeks we have this:

Here are the Jaywalker Socks I have been working on. I worked one for awhile then put it down and am trying to work the second one to the same level before I do the heel. I figure that way when I finish one sock I will be half way with the other and will not leave it abandoned. I am using Knit Picks yarn in Parade/Forest and one side of ths sock has 2 rows of striping, while the other side of the sock has 3 rows.

I have been working on a Clapotis using Recycled Sari Silk Yarn. I have needed to take a break on it because the yarn I have, though very pretty is dirty and makes me feel kind of icky while using it. I just finished the increase section and am going to be doing the straight section. Also, this yarn is kind of slow going as it doesn’t slide real well and I noticed that I knit pretty slow. This yarn isn’t real soft, but I heard this yarn washes really well and then softens up. I look forward to that. I think this is going to be a couch clapotis as really it is pretty heavy and might not wear well, but I think it is going to have color/conversation value that I will want to display it. Also, periodically I have noticed a few mistakes, but this yarn does not frog well at all, so I have just decrease or increase as needed and funny thing is this yarn hides mistakes really well too, so no one will be the wiser, hopefully.

I bought the new Knit Simple Magazine, found it at the local Safeway. I flipped through it. I really loves these Knit hats and legwarmers. I will probably make these sometime in January. There are some crochet patterns in this magazine too. I am considering one, but it looks kind of bulky, will see.
Here are the hats…leg warmers…

Oh…and the great ebayer, in the previous posts…is sending me wool. I feel kind of bad because I wasn’t trying to complain to get something free. I think I will write her a letter telling her how I appreciate her excellent customer service.

Health wise….My back went from terrible pain, could hardly get out of bed and walk to today…no pain at all. I don’t know how or why this is like this but lately I either have really, really bad days and then the next day feel absolutely fine. Odd. I hope this next year my friends and their families have good health. I also hope that I have good health as I really need it.

My Resolutions will consist of trying to take better care of myself like eating healthy, exercising, stretching and just trying to get healthier. I also would like to be nicer to my children, spend more time outdoors, and also try to upkeep my house more as periodically it gets out of control (like today.) Oh and work on building up savings and staying out of debt. ps…I have these same resolutions every year.

Lastly….Easy Bake Oven makes TERRIBLE pretzels. FYI… My brother really got into the Christmas spirit and got Sierra an Easy Bake Oven. She made pretzels with it and the instructions say to sprinkle with salt….let’s just say, Tony doesn’t understand the concept of lightly sprinkling pretzles with salt and coated the whole top of the pretzel. In addition, for some reason the oven didn’t cook well enough and the pretzels turned out under cooked with too much salt…ick. Sierra likes it, but I am afraid for her to eat the whole thing.



  1. I’m glad to hear your back is better! A healthier 2006 sounds like a perfect resolution for all of us. 🙂

  2. Wishing you a pain-free new year woman!

    I just knit some legwarmers. Love them.

  3. What a wonderful surprise today! Thanks, Wendy! 🙂

    Wishing you and your family a happy new year!

  4. Thanks from me too…I never win nothing!!

  5. That clapotis is looking very cool! Can’t wait to see it finished! I love how Sari looks worked up.

    I haven’t seen Knit Simple. I’ll have to look for it, the patterns sound pretty cool.

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