Spindle Love & Good Ebayer

January 1, 2006

I need to comment a little bit about my spindles and the ebayer that sold me the spindles. When I got my spindle I started to play around with it and the yarn that was already spun onto it broke. The spindle dropped to the ground and the whorl slid off of it onto the floor. I don’t put fault on anyone. After all the spindles are not made from one piece, they are two pieces, three if you count the hook. So, needless to say the whorl must be glued onto the spindle. The floor it dropped on is linoleum probably over a concrete foundation.

When it first broke I emailed the ebayer to tell her it broke but that I was going to glue it back together. I went to the garage found some wood glue and glued it and slid the whorl back into place. She emailed me back telling me to send it to her and that she would gladly replace it. Well, since I glued it back into place and all is well, I didn’t want to send it back and so I told her so.

She emailed me back telling me that she felt like she needed to do something to compensate me and offered me some of her wool. First, how very cool is that? I emailed her back telling her it was unecessary.

The spindle arrived undamaged. I damaged it….and well, she is an awesome ebayer.

The only reason I emailed her in the first place was because the spindle was the bigger spindle and the yarn that was spun onto it was very thin and couldn’t really support the weight of the spindle. So, as I was dangling it the yarn broke. I am sure she tested it out and the yarn she spun was thin because she is a good spinner and probably didn’t realize us newbies would be sitting in our desk chairs dangling the darn thing, spinning it this way and that way trying to conceptualize how the thing worked.

ps…”thing” really isn’t a good name for a spindle.

So, the good news about this is I bought from a good ebayer, I bought 2 good spindles, I enjoy spinning (though I realized I have new arm muscles from stretching my arm way up above my head until I realized my dang arm is not long enough…,) and I am getting better.

It isn’t always easy to find people who have such high quality of customer service. I hope you all read this post as a RAVE because it definately is meant that way. Oh…and if you have been wanting to learn to spin, but afraid of a spindle…fear it no more…get ye to ebay and buy one.

Oh, and thanks everyone for signing my Frappr map. 31 people signed my map so I will be drawing 3 names and plan prizes accordingly. I will post the names in the next few day to coordinate getting mailing addresses to where I should send the prizes. I enjoyed “seeing” where all of my readers are from. And yes, I had to bribe you with prizes and go to your blogs and beg…but I don’t care, still made my day(s). 🙂



  1. I bought my spindle and roving off of her last year (still haven’t used it). We had a slight “argument” about the shipping price (which she changed after the auction had ended and made it higher). I paid for it, but was angry about it, etc. In any event, we actually ended up writing to each other and she apologized and sent me a pound of her roving as an apology. I was thrilled.

    As for your Frappr map, I didn’t need to be bribed to place myself on it, you just asked! I haven’t done any of the maps but yours because I am too lazy!

    I hope you have a nice, pain free day!

  2. Glad you had a nice experience with your ebayer! That’s a great story! 🙂

    Even though I don’t have a frappr map, I like adding my name so I can see where everyone is from! It works both ways! ;)–>

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