Blog Anniversary

January 8, 2006

I started this blog 1 year ago and not really to talk about yarn or crocheting, and definately not knitting or spinning as a year ago I did not know how. I started to talk about photography as I was taking another photography class. I know I didn’t have much of a blog audience and blogging at the time wasn’t for my readers, but was for me was was like an online archive of my crafting or art.

As my blog progressed, so did my skills in crocheting and my interests in yarn and anything associated with fiber. I have always been attracted to textiles and years ago drew up plans to design clothing for rock climbers. I never did do that, but I had some interesting features on clothes to make “going” out in the wildnerness a little bit easier when you have a harness and rock climbing gear on. Crocheting and knitting though runs deep somewhere inside of me and maybe it is because my great grandmother was skilled in these areas, there is a lot about me that have always reminded my dad and my grandmother of her. I never met my great grandmother, only have stories written about her from my grandmother to look upon.

One thing that is very true about me is that I have had many experiences in life and will continue. It is my nature to be involved or doing something. Someone recently once told me that I was a “thinker.” This is true as a lot of time I think about things and if they really bug me I can internalize it and keep thinking about it until I feel like a tortured dog. In the past I have let this type of anxiety get to me, but recently am learning I need to let things go and have peace about them. I also am always thinking about easier ways of doing things or thinking about how to get ahead in life. There have been many times I have out-thought my husband on methods of doing things, for example I am great on packing up a car. He is more about precision and being perfect. I am thinking/doing/adapting/thinking/doing…etc…

I am a doer. I do, do, do, do. My dad is a thinker and a doer, to and I see a lot of similarities in his personality and mine, maybe why sometimes we butt heads, almost too much alike and probably not in the most positive ways. Of course I know that he looks at me and wishes I would do more, like in the exercise way…yes, I know this…..well, back to the scheduled topic.

To celebrate my little Blog Anniversary I will reveal my LIE from the Icebreaker below

1. I was once a firefighter. (True, when I was going to college in Montana I became and EMT. I wanted to work with the ambulance, but it is very competitive to be hired there. Instead I volunteered as a fire fighter for the rural fire dept. )

2. I have climbed a peak over 11,000 feet. (True, in my “past life” I enjoyed backpacking and rock climbing and did a lot of exploring in Montana, Idaho, and Utah. I also went on a nice little overnight trip and climbed (more like hiked) to the top of Sonora Peak, which is 11, 459 feet above sea level. Maybe one day when I move my photo albums in the house I will post some pictures of the things I use to do (before my bad back.))

3. I once had a job pouring urine. (True, after living in Montana I moved to Seattle and got a job at a lab that did urine drug testing. I labeled specimens (urine) and yes, poured urine into test tubes to be tested by a machine/computer. I met my husband at this lab as he was a courier and would pick up ice chests full of these specimens from the airport and deliver them to the lab. I asked him out for my birthday and he declined me as he was busy. I asked him out again and had concert tickets and he accepted and 2 months later we moved in together.)

4. I have skydived. (False, I have always wanted to skydive and it has been on my list of things to do, forever. Unfortunately, though with my back, I doubt I will ever fullfill this. Who knows, though. If I do fullfill this, I prefer it be because I chose to and not because I am escaping from a plane or something… Yes, most of you were right, how did you know? I don’t seem like the sky diving type?)

5. I have been watching the same soap opera for almost 20 years. (True, I thought for sure this would throw some of you off. I don’t consider myself the tv type because I do so much. However, I do watch tv (or atleast listen…ha ha) and have been following Days of Our Lives forever. My mom watches it and when I was a kid, even my brother watched it. I have no idea why I find it interesting, but maybe it is because I know the history of the show. Plus, if I miss a month or 2 or 3 worth of episodes I can still follow what is happening because soap operas are so slow! I have been watching it more often because I tape it in the DVR and watch it when the kids go to bed.) (I also watch 24, Lost, and I like all of those reality tv shows, especially ones that are outdoor/adventure oriented.)

Who knows where this blog will go over the next year. I know I have more readers now than a year ago, and that is good. Thanks everyone I read all of your comments and I think a goal for my blog for next year is to look into some type of commenting thing where I can individually reply to people off the blog if I want to. Haloscan? Any others? Let me know.



  1. Happy Blogiversary!! Sorry I can’t help with the comment issue, though.

  2. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Wendy! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what busy people are doing! 🙂 I think it’s so funny that you and your husband met because of pee! Not many people can say that!

    The Crochet Dude answers every comment on his blog at his blog and he’s got haloscan. I’ve been wanting something like that, too. I just answer every comment in bold on my blog in sequence. I need to check out haloscan.

    Blog on!!

  4. Happy Blogiversary!

  5. Happy Blogiversary. I have Haloscan and when they send me comments it works out good. Many times it just reminds me to visit someones blog (I don’t have much time these days and don’t visit too many blogs regularly)

  6. Happy Blogiversary! You rock Wendy. I’m glad you’re here skydiving or not!

  7. Thanks you everyone! I feel special! 🙂

  8. Happy Blogiversary! 🙂 I totally thought you were the skydiving type – you got me. 🙂
    My mom is a die-hard Days fan, too. She has been watching it since Day 1!!!

  9. Happy Blogiversary!!

    I use Haloscan and love it. Every time I think about switching, I just can’t make myself do it. lol

    Okay, you must email me so we can talk about Montana. 🙂 My husband’s from there and I love when we go visit.

  10. I guess I don’t have your email address…email me through c’ville my screenname is earthwhisper.

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